Flying With Only A Carry-on

June 11, 2017: Hi guys! Since its that time of year again, I decided it would be fun to re-share this post from last year in case you're planning a summer va-cay and need some tips on traveling without checking a bag! This year I'll be road-tripping it, so be on the look out for a "how to pack for a road trip post" soon!

Original Title: What to pack in a carry-on bag if you're not also checking a bag

I say "if", because if both of your bags are going to be carry-ons, you’ll need to tweak your list a little. I’m about to be leaving the country for a few days, but this time ‘round I’ll have a checked bag! So that meant I got to really curate what I’ll be putting in my carry-on!


I’ll be taking a medium sized, slouchy brown leather bag, that is big enough to hold my computer, a book(I’ll have a second book for the return flight packed in my main suitcase!) and a small bag of beauty/health/girly items and a few other things.

This little phone case from Casetify is my favorite! I love that the backplate can be switched out if you get in the mood for something different! (I have my eye on this marble one....)


 First, its important to review the TSA rules and regulations for what you can bring on the flight. For me, this was especially relevant to what I could bring on liquid-wise.

For liquids, you’re allowed to bring a quart-sized clear bag with liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes(which all must be equal or less that 3.4 ounces. Here's a graphic from the TSA website for a good reference! 

Image From the TSA website, for the full article,  click here

Image From the TSA website, for the full article, click here

The air on planes can really dehydrate your skin, I’m taking tinted moisturizer, lip balm, and contact refresh drops in my quart bag. I may also take mouthwash or toothpaste just in case! Since it’s going to be such a long day, I may also bring concealer to keep any dark circles from scaring the nice people at the hotel when we do arrive!

We’ll be traveling or sitting in the airports from morning 'til midnight, so I’m also taking a little, travel-sized bottle of dry shampoo incase my hair starts to get unruly.


Comfort / Entertainment

Books -

I'm taking two, How to be Parisian and a second one that will be packed in my checked bag until the trip home! I'll probably take one of these

Laptop -

I'm taking my laptop with me in my carry-on, that way I can work on what else to blog about! If you have a topic you'd like me to talk about, let me know! 

Portable Battery -

I am so thankful to have people in my life that understand technology better than I do – really helpful when we walk around the local Best Buy! For this trip, I'm taking two portable chargers, one (that is about the size of a cigar) that will provide about half a charge to my phone, and another, that will provide about three full charges.

Empty Water bottle -

Even though you can't take water through security, you can take an empty water bottle and then fill it once you get through security! 

Scarf -

I am ALWAYS cold, so I'm planning on taking a large blanket scarf from Garnett Hill in my carry on bag, that way, it doubles as both a scarf and as a blanket if I get chilled on the flight!

Socks -

I'm planning on wearing flats or sandals on the plane, but (especially) on the long leg of the flight, I feel like I may get a little cool, thats why I'm packing a pair of extra socks in my carry on, that way – after i've wrapped up in my blanket scarf – I can also keep my toes warm!

Leggings -

They don't even have to be legging-leggings, as long as they're thick material that will be perfect if you get cold or tired of wearing jeans on an overnight flight!

Glasses -

Like I mentioned earlier, planes can really dry out your skin, if you wear contacts this can mean that they get irritated as well! I'll be packing my glasses in my carry-on in case the eye drops can't keep my contacts feeling comfortable.

I found these adorable mesh bags at TJMaxx! I have two of them in my checked bag(one with makeup and the other with products I will be reviewing for Influenster!)  and the smallest bag is going to be in my carry-on and hold my small electronics(like the phone charger, and the cords that go with it.)


We weighed this little guy last night and it's 30 pounds! Not bad for a 22-inch suitcase, I think. I'm working on a post for Friday on how I fit everything (10 days worth of clothing!) into what could be another carry-on bag(check with your airlines before you fly to see if they have a maximum weight for carry-ons!)



Do you have items that you always make sure to include in your carry-on? Let me know in the comments! 

xo, Lauren