Note: While I love all the stores I mention in this post, I just wanted to let ya'll know that this post was in no way sponsored by any of these companies! I just wanted to share some of my favorite options, and of course, reference stores that I know well! 


Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share some of my weekly "must haves" if you're trying to decorate your home on a budget! I included options for a low budget, mid-level budget, and a higher end option, that way you can see the variety of options in case you're like me and want this print everywhere! 

Since this is the first of my "weekly wishlists" I wanted to take a minute to talk about ways to update your living room by adding just a few new pieces, that can update a space with this fun summer trend without hurting your wallet! I do a similar thing with clothes, where I have my pieces that I really invest in, and then I find "trendy" accessories that I don't have to spend as much on! I stick to a lot of neutrals too, that way when I find a brightly colored/patterned accent, I know it'll be easy to match! I bought most of my living room pieces so long ago that I couldn't find them online, or got them at Steinmart, TJmaxx, or Dirt Cheap, so I put together a graphic below of some similar pieces, and tried to match the colors as close as I could to what I have in my living room. 


Couch: Macys | TV Stand/Dresser: Houzz | Lamp: Wayfair | Side Table: Target | Chair: Houzz

Like I said, I use a lot of neutrals, and these aren't exactly what I have in my livingroom, but its the closest I could find! The neutrals make it really easy to switch out the whole feel of the room without changing anything super expensive!

Let's say you want to hop on the "palm leaf" trend that is kind of everywhere right now. 

I really like the palm/banana leaf print because, I feel like, deep down I was meant to be on an island somewhere. Or, not even on an island, I'd be happy on the coast of somewhere! Anyway, beach-y things make me really happy, but I try to keep things toned down, since maybe a room full of nautical themed accents wouldn't "fit" in Tuscaloosa. But I have figured out that I can add in the bits coastal charm within my mid-century farmhouse elements so that its the best of both worlds! 

Palm Pillow Covers, Amazon

Palm Pillow Covers, Amazon

  • If you're working on a low budget, check Amazon! I got these pillow covers a few months ago, and I think they were $5 each at that point, but when I got the link for this post they are $3.35! I love them, I think they look great, the only thing is that the back white panel is a little thin, so if you're using them overtop of a hot pink polka dotted pillow from last spring (like I maybe am) then the spots might show through on the back! Scroll to the end to see them on my bed!

Amazon: Under $10

  • If you have a little bit higher allowance, check out Wayfair! They're usually a little pricer than what you can find on Amazon, but this option is still less than $40! I love that the Wayfair print is just a little different than the other palm/banana leaves, the palms are styled a little differently, but I think they're so cute! 

Wayfair: Palm Leaf Pillow $24.99

This is the target option, again its a little higher than the Amazon or Wayfair option, but Threshold has always really impressed me with their product quality, and I love this print, so I wanted to show it off too! Plus, its oversized! Which is always fun on couches.


Target Oversized Banana Leaf Throw Pillow, Threshold - $28.49


  • If you're ok with splurging on these pretty palm prints, Houzz has some that are a little more expensive, but I'm sure are great quality! 


Houzz Green Banana Leaf Pillow - $52






So thats it for this week! Next week I'll be back talking about a whole new topic from my weekly wishlist! 

xo, Lauren

P.S. Here are those pillows I linked to on Amazon!! Aren't they great?!