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Flying With Only A Carry-on

I say "if", because if both of your bags are going to be carry-ons, you’ll need to tweak your list a little. I’m about to be leaving the country for a few days, but this time ‘round I’ll have a checked bag! So that meant I got to really curate what I’ll be putting in my carry-on!

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Five of My Favorite Packing Tip Posts!

Travel Day!  We left early this morning to begin a whole day of airports and airplanes that will end around midnight! I didn't want to leave you guys without a post though, so here is a QUICK round up of a few blog posts that I found most helpful while i was trying to pack enough clothes(both nice and outdoorsy, for both warm and cold weather) for ten days in my little suitcase! Definitely a tough project – my little closet organizer that I posted about a few months back (see it here) was so helpful during the initial planning of what to pack, as well as when it came time to narrow what I wanted to actually take.

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