About Lauren

Lauren is a freelance Content Creator, Graphic Designer, and Art Historian with a passion for most things creative. She has an undergraduate degree in art & art history and a master's degree in American Art History from the University of Alabama. When she isn’t painting or at work in her local hospital’s Emergency Department, she loves to spend time watching Game Show Network, the Chicago Cubs, or Alabama football.  

Her two pets Miso (kitten) & Cooper (dog) can often be found “helping” her paint or move furniture.

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 The Paws Behind the Blog:



Lauren’s 7 year old Australian Shepherd Mix! She found him at the Huntsville Animal Shelter and instantly fell for the scrappy little guy. He loves to chase shadows(and his grandparent’s cats) and guard the house while Lauren has the windows open to paint. He loves to supervise & navigate all art related trips when Lauren scopes out new places to photograph!



Lauren originally found Miso when she was ~3 weeks old, exploring the yard with her feral kitten siblings. She spent the next few weeks catching the little kitten as often as she could, administering antibiotic eye drops and showing her where the bowl of cat food had been newly filled. When Miso was a few weeks older, Lauren and her roommate caught her and took her to the Emergi-vet, and the rest is history. Though she’s young, Miso is already showing an interest in finger painting, as well as whisker painting, and will probably add her mark to most of Lauren’s paintings from here on out.