From The Front Porch: What to Expect With This Series

Since I posted the first of the series last time, (read it here!) I decided it would be a good idea to backtrack a little and introduce what what exactly my vision for this series is! When I look back on some of my most favorite memories from my childhood, or think of things that are quintessentially "Southern" sitting around on the porch is front and center. I feel like the conversations and memories made from a rocking chair or sittin' in a porch swing are the moments where so many ideas can be shared and memories can be made.


From The Front Porch is where I'll be sharing Alabama businesses, artists, makers, and places that I think capture the spirit of the South. My hope is that this series of posts will feel like a conversation you'd have with your neighbour or a friend on the front porch, trading thoughts on your favorite Alabama places. That means I also really want to hear from YOU! What are your favorite places here in Alabama? 

From Mobile to Huntsville, Florence to Montgomery, Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, and many places in between, Alabama has so many amazing people, artists, makers, and businesses that I can't wait talk about! 

If you know somewhere or someone that should be featured, let me know in the comments OR email me at! How cool would it be to have a little community of people promoting local, Alabama business and makers?!