Holidays at Home: Decor Tips & Ideas

Hi guys! Since Christmas is right around the corner, I figured this might be a good time to share three easy Christmas decorating tips, a candle trick I learned a few weeks ago, AND use some pictures from a collab I did with JORD this month, because since it was a social media campaign not a blogger campaign, I didn't have to make a blog post for it, but I wanted to show yall the pictures because I think they are so festive and pretty! 


SO, here are a handful of Christmas decorating tips in case you've just started decorating! I really think Candles & Greenery are my favorite ways to get my home winter ready. Especially because they're two additions that don't have to be strictly "Christmas-y" but can work through the rest of winter too! 


holiday home tips (1).png

The biggest one has to do with the love of my home enthusiast life, candles. Specifically pillar candles, like this one.  Shameless plug for my favorite fall scent from Pier 1. If you like Woodsy Christmas scents, check out: Fresh Balsam or Holiday Forest.  To save money, or if you already have a favorite scent for your home, pick up some unscented pillar candles to add coziness without a lot of extra smells! I really want to get a bunch of white unscented candles or varying heights and put them in/infront of my fireplace, but I'm also thinking some LED ones might be easier. What do you think?

The point of this whole pillar candle section was to tell you that when you burn a pillar candle for the first time, its best to LET THEM BURN for TWO OR MORE HOURS, so that they don't "tunnel" as much. 


A really fun (& budget friendly) way to add some greenery to your home this winter could be adding some tree picks around your space! I have a few in my tree to add some fullness to it, but I also have some in my vases/baskets on my hearth so add some ever-greenery accents. I really like this evergreen set from Amazon, or these pinecones would be a great way to add some different texture to a tree! 

Another way to add some more greenery to your Christmas is to use them with gifts! I'll be doing a post on how I'm incorporating greenery into my gift giving later this month, so stay tuned!


Also, I like to keep an eye on my Target Dollar Spot when I run in for groceries. I picked up a couple of super cute mini trees (not decorated) in tiny little metal buckets for $3 each that i'm going to feature on the 'gram very soon! 

This year I also added some mistletoe in my living room above the doorway to the kitchen! It's got a little read bow and feels so festive! Since it is over the door, it doesn't even take up much space! Etsy has some really great fresh mistletoe options if you're looking for the real stuff, or there's usually some in the Seasonal section of target or at your local decor/craft stores!  


Adding cozy textures is one of my most favorite ways to get my house winter ready! My couch has about four different blankets on it, and I have two artfully wrapped into baskets next to my fireplace. You can also add texture to your Christmastime decor with tree skirts, stockings, or garlands! At Pier 1, there's a faux fur Christmas tree garland that is such a glam way to add a new texture to your tree! 



Thanks again to JORD wood watches for my fieldcrest watch! you can receive a coupon for  25% off of a watch of your own now through December 15th by clicking here