Online Christmas Decor Round-up!

Even though I’m trying not to look at the calendar - because then I’ll be reminded how close Comps are! - it is FINALLY cold in Alabama, which means Christmas can’t be too far away! (YAY!) Even though I’m thinking of going with a minimalist Christmas plan this year at my house, I’m still really excited to break out the Christmas decorations in a few weeks! I also really like some Scandinavian & Nordic styles too, so it may be an amalgamation of all of those? We’ll see.

This week I wanted to round up some of my favorite Christmas decorative objects that I’ve seen so far!



Did you know Home Depot has an Indoor Christmas Decoration section? I found several of my decorations there last year – its so great!

Image: Home Depot

Image: Home Depot

Last Year I mainly stuck to little red ornaments, so I’ll definitely be do that again this year! The only exception are the few that I’ve picked up when I’ve traveled this year – one of my favorite family traditions!

Currently $2





I LOVE this wreath you guys! Even though it hardly ever snows here, a girl can dream.

Currently $35





I love candles, but candles in lanterns are a great combination! I have two on my coffee table, and its so fun to light them sometimes and watch them light up the space. Plus they’re a great back up in case the power goes out!

Currently $15

Adding Pillows and extra blankets everywhere is one of my favorite winter additions to my couches and bed. I love how neutral this one is, but the little pop of red is such a great little accent that will tie it in with any other reds you have in the room.

Currently $25






I really like the texture that this one has, even though its just a print that is wrapped around stretchers(which is really a bonus - it won’t be as heavy as it would be if it was actually painted on strips of wood!) I think just the “look” of the wood makes it feel really cozy.

Currently $30




There’s something so fun about Christmas stockings. Last year I didn’t do them, I hung a garland instead… but if I can find some cute ones like these I might just have to use them this year! One for me, one for A, and maybe one for the cats that live in the yard…

Currently $16




I know I said I was going to stick to red ornaments, but I also like these folk-y looking ones! I have a few already, but I really love these that I found when I was working on this post!

Currently $4

In case you were looking for something a little more high-end, I also found some options at POTTERY BARN:

  1. Stemless Wine Glasses

If you’re having a holiday party, these would be perfect for wine or punch! I love the little bit of gold around the rim!

Currently $54 (for a set of 6)


  1. Merry Kisses & Warmest Wishes

Love this holiday print! Would be a perfect addition to a mantle.

Currently $129

NOTE: Another good store for higher end pieces is Frontgate, and another one is Kirkland's! I get all the "heart eyes" when I see things from these stores! 

And last, a quick recap of my winter wonderland last year! 

xo, Lauren