Necessities Or Gift Ideas For The Traveler

 I love traveling! I think it started when I was younger and we lived in the Virginia Beach area and would drive back and forth to North Alabama for the Holidays. When I was 9, we flew to Russia (my first international flight!) and I can definitely remember seeing all the different gadgets people had to make the flight more comfortable. 

After-brainstorming things that I wished I had the last few times I've road-tripped or boarded a long flight, I wanted to put together a gift guide for the jet-setter in your life! 

1. Long Wrap Cardigan /// $68 /// Nordstrom

I love a good cardigan, long enough to be worn with leggings, but in a dark color that would look chic once you arrive to your destination as well! 

2. Neck Pillow /// $29 /// Trtl Travel

The neck pillow looks like a great way to grab some sleep on a long flight - or long car ride - without taking up the space of a big pillow.

3. Reversible Plaid Wrap /// $47 /// Nordstrom

Blanket scarves are such a big thing right now! And for good reason - they're a great looking accessory that can be used to keep warm once you board the flight!

4. PF Candle Co. Travel Jar Candle /// $12 /// Urban Outfitters

If you're on the go a lot, sometimes its nice to have a reminder of home. These travel candles are the perfect size to take with you! * I wouldn't take this for flying – but it would be good for roadtrips!

5. Cork Push Pin Travel Map /// $45 /// Etsy

Such a great gift for when your traveler is at home! A fun way to keep track of where they've been - and where they want to go next! 

6. Weekender Travel Bag /// $48 /// Lulus

A good weekend bag is great for quick trips, and a great size if you're trying to fit several people into a car for a road trip!


Travel Emergency Kit /// $26 /// Nordstrom 

Power Convertor /// $39 /// Best Buy

Let me know if you have any ideas for a good gift for a girl that likes to travel – I'm always looking for new gift ideas!