Edgar's Bakery - Huntsville, AL


Hi guys! Sorry for the break from posts! The last few weeks have been kind of stressful, and thesis defense is coming up SO QUICKLY! I'm about halfway finished writing it, but these last twenty pages have been really tough. I'm hoping to have everything finished, defended, and sent to the Graduate school by mid-March! I've also been planning some upcoming trips for the next few months, so I can't wait to post them here!

While I was home a couple weeks ago, my parents suggested we go get some sweet treats, coffee, and breakfast from a new local bakery! So, this week I wanted to tell y'all about my new favorite bakery up in Huntsville, Al – Edgars

One of the things that I love about Edgars is that it started right here in Alabama! The story behind the Smith family's decision to open Edgar's can be found on their website (HERE) and I definitely recommend that you read it if you have time! 

I got a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant – and it was so good! I wasn't particularly hungry that day, but I ate the other half later and it was still great! My dad got one of the wraps, and my mom got the same thing I did! You can check out more of the breakfast menu here

The other AMAZING treat to check out when you visit Edgars are their sweets! They have really good baked goods, cookies, cupcakes, and squares.. I've never tried something and not liked it. 


What We Ate: