Functional Decorating

Hi everyone! 

I was talking to my Mama this week, and she helped me brainstorm ideas for this post, and we decided I should write all about functional decorating! I made two Pinterest posters and couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I'm posting both at the end!

I love the trend of really big wall clocks, they're so great for being both super funcitonal and pretty wall accents! 


My mom has a big iron-looking one in her living room, that she got because it reminded her of the big window clock at the Musée D'Orsay in Paris! I found a similar one at Wayfair for less than $60 here, This one is a little pricier, but I love the two colors! 

I also love this one from Kirklands, or if you're looking for a lighter style, this one is a really great cream color. 

My mom likes to find clocks that remind her of special memories, and in a way I do too. Of my two living room clocks, one of them is set to Central time, and the other is on Paris time! 

I don't have a big clock, YET, but I have a spot that I'd like to put one.. I just need to bite the bullet and choose which one I like best! 

I do have a lot of smaller clocks though, a few in my living room and in the guest rooms.  



Another great way to add some functional decor to your walls is through mirrors! I talked about them a little a few weeks ago, in my post on How to Brighten a Dark Room, because mirrors are a perfect way to bounce light back into a dark space! These are some examples of my living room mirror and my dining room/coffee corner mirrors! 

I talked to some very sweet ladies and asked their thoughts on how they bring function into their home decor, and this is what they said:

"To me, a mirror is like jewelry. You can change the feel of a room based on a "conversation piece" mirror, you know, dress it up or dress it down. For instance, I would never switch my two largest mirrors because neither would "go" where the other is. As for clocks, the kitchen may be the heart of the home, but a "tick tock" clock is the heartbeat." And "They're the heartbeat of the house, but I realized they mark more than just time - they mark family history" – Miss Mel. 
"I love to have a mirror in every room if possible. I especially like to hang a mirror across from a window so that it reflects the light. I just think it bring so much light into a room. Right now I am into big chunky gold gilded mirrors. As far as clocks go, I have one that is very special to me that is from the 1800s and was passed down from my great grandparents... I love older ClockZ with a pendulum and a key. I love the noise they make. I just feel like it makes a house a home to have that TickTock sound in every room. I have a huge clock in my bedroom that is very noisy, and it is the best white noise to drift off to sleep." – Miss Shelly.
"I have fewer mirrors -mostly functional. But I have a clock in almost every room. I love that they add to the decor and yet function to keep me "on pace" as I go throughout my day." Miss Lynn.


I love these quotes, you guys! I think these wonderful ladies really captured the way that I feel about clocks and mirrors. 


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