Things to Do On Valentines Day If You're Single

How cute is this photo from  Ivory Mix ??

How cute is this photo from Ivory Mix??

Hi everyone! Like I said in Valentines Day Ideas For Couples, I've been on both sides of the single/relationship line on Valentines day, and I know it can be really frustrating/annoying/sad when you're single, so I wanted to do a post on ideas for Single peeps that you can do to avoid the couple-y places. 

  • Bake Cupcakes – One year, my roommate, my best friend Andrew and me made those pink Valentines Day cupcakes, and we thought we were so cool, we got black sprinkles and put X's on them and black hearts...

  • Get Together with Friends – I think "have your friends over for a wine tasting" would be such a fun idea! I'd love to have some of my grad school friends over so that we can all hang out and avoid being out and being around couples.

    • Another friends coming over idea could be having a potluck! My go to recipe has been one that my aunt made, and then I got the recipe for – Enchilada Dip! You take shredded chicken, two blocks of cream cheese, 1/2 a bottle of ranch, 1/4 a cup of salsa, 3/4 a bag of shredded cheese mix, and then you mix it all together in a casserole dish. Top with Shredded Cheese, and then bake 375º until bubbly on top (about 15 or 20 minutes)

  • Have a “Gal-entines Day” get together with your girlfriends! (Or I guess it could be a “pal-entines” day, if you have friends that are guys. It could be really fun to make some Macarons in pretty colors!

If you want to have a themed cocktail at your party – check out these Strawberry Champagne Margaritas!

If you want your get-together to be sans-alcohol, I think making these Simple Shirley Temples would be so fun! 

  • Spa Day!  Get together with your closest friends – or spend a day by yourself – and treat yo’ self to a spa day! Right now, I think those magnetic face masks are a big thing, so that could be fun to try!

    • ama suggests that if you're by yourself, treat yourself to a bubble bath, nails and picking out a cute outfit to wear the next day. 

  • Movie Night – Catch up on a good movie or Show!  Personally, I avoid the movie theater like the plague on Valentines day... so if you're looking to watch a Netflix series, or Hulu, or Xfinity On Demand, I've been really invested in Vikings lately – so good! The Crown looks really really good too! On Amazon, I think Z: The Beginning of Everything looks like something I want to watch soon – same goes for The Man in the High Castle. Oh, and the art history nerd in me says I need to mention the Netflix series about the Medici: Masters of Florence, because they're SUCH an important part of the Renaissance. YALL.