Summer Refresh: Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

Hey y'all! Just wanted to pop in real quick to tell you guys about this spin my mom did on cucumber water last weekend while I was home! It's super simple but it tastes so good! The perfect drink for lounging by the pool or on a patio with friends.


  • Lemonade (I used minute maid, but I think Hubert's Lemonade would also be yummy!)
  • Water
  • Cucumber (peeled & sliced)

*Note: if you wanted to make an "adult" version, I think vodka or gin would mix really well! Also, I'm kind of curious how a sparkling water would work, an extra fizz might be fun!!

What To Do

It's so easy! All you do is combine a bottle of lemonade with some water and a sliced (and peeled!) cucumber! I did three parts lemonade to one part water. And be sure to peel the cucumber because the skin can make it bitter! I also chilled mine for a few hours so it was nice and cool and the cucumber flavour had time to get into the lemonade. 

Cucumber Lemondade.jpg