Campfire Recipes: Cinnamon Sweet Treats

Hey guys! You might remember that I went camping at the beautiful dismal canyon at the end of April, and I'm so excited to tell you guys about this really fun treat we made with breakfast one morning! 


Thankfully, we had a few in the group that really loved oranges, so they ate all the orange out of the peel, leaving the peel as intact as possible (save for a circular hole in the top) 

Then we took cinnamon rolls, love those Pilsbury Grands, and put them inside the orange peel. 

All you have to do next is wrap the orange/roll combo with some aluminum foil and set it (CAREFULLY!) next to a warm spot of your campfire, and then turn it every once in a while for 35-35 minutes.

Thankfully, one of our "camp guys" that were with us had brought some little tonges that were super helpful in turning them!

What to Do

Get the orange out of an orange peel (leaving the peel mostly intact and "bowl-shaped). Put a cinnamon roll in the orange "bowl" & wrap in foil. Put in a warm spot in the campfire and turn occasionally for ~ 30 minutes. Drizzle with icing

You will need 

  • Oranges
  • Cinnamon Rolls (we used these!)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • A Campfire
  • Icing (if it doesn't come with your rolls)