Quick Guide to Global Style

Just a quick post today, I don't want to interrupt family time for Memorial Day!  

Global style is warm and inviting rooms, with a bit of Bohemian flair. One way to add global style into your home is to include trinkets from your own travels in creative displays in your home, but I think you could also include items that reflect places you have on a bucket list to travel to as a fun way to reflect your personality in your home!


Photo: Mel McCarthy

Photo: Mel McCarthy

·      If you are traveling over the summer and want to buy something to bring home to add to your decor, look for foldable fabrics or items that you could incorporate into a DIY project! Tiles would be a great idea since they’re small, stackable and wouldn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. You could add cork to the bottom and make them into coasters, or adhere them to the top of a table or dresser.


·      One trend that I’ve been seeing more of recently is the incorporation of small baskets as wall décor. This beautiful example comes from AphroChic

Depending on the kind of basket used, the space could evoke ideas of different places.






·      This pretty Moroccan Tea Party from Eye Swoon is such a pretty example of how to incorporate Global style into your space. The addition of the floor poufs and lots of textured fabrics, makes the room looks so cozy!

Check out the article on EyeSwoon for more pictures and a recipe for a Moroccan Tea Party!


·      Lastly, with global style, don’t be afraid to mix fabrics! Even if the pattern is different if you stick to a similar color palette, the room will maintain a cohesive look. Check out this post from Style At Home for more about styling a global space! 



One thing that My parents like to do is decorate their bookshelves with small objects and travel books! Its a great way to display mementos, as well as a good way to store reference books if someone asks you for travel advice! 

Do you use mementos from trips in your home decor? Let me know in the comments!

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xo, Lauren