Things to Do When The Weather Cools Off

Hi guys! I'm back from a MUCH NEEDED few days off, and i'm so excited to get back into blogging and Instagram-ing again! You might have noticed that I got accepted into Like to Know It's content program last week, so be on the look out for posts that you can shop by the link in the Instagram caption, or by screenshot-ing the picture and opening the Like to Know It App on your phone! You'll also be able to shop blog posts (both home & style ones!) from a widget at the end of the blog post! 

Like I said in my 5 Ways to Embrace Fall post, I love fall. Even though I know that fall technically started last month, it didn't really start feeling like fall here in Alabama until this week, so I wanted to throw out a few more fall/cool weather related things and share two of my favorite fall sweaters! I'm super excited that bell sleeves are such a big trend this year! I love the 60s/70s vibe that they have, which pairs really well with the boho/eclectic and mid-century modern aesthetics I've been so drawn to lately. Scroll down to see three of my favorite cool weather activities!


1. Visit a coffee shop!

Whether you're a coffee enthusiast like me, of you prefer hot tea or cider, indulging in a warm beverage is my favorite way to enjoy the change in temps! Last weekend while I was in Gulf Shores, AL, I was so excited to visit the Liquid Life Cafe and enjoy a DELICIOUS cinnamon latte! I love apple cider as a substitute for my sleepy time tea that I usually have before bed. Plus, treating yourself to some Apple Cider can be a great way to get yourself feeling in the fall spirit, and it smells SO GOOD! 

2. Go Window Shopping at Local Thrift Stores (or antique shops!)

There's just something I love about shopping in the fall, maybe its the lack of suffocating humidity, or the closeness to the holidays, but I love going around and looking for gifts or treat-yo-self home splurges during October-December! Now that I've been working in retail, I love the days that the truck comes in and delivers Christmas goodies! I can't believe the holidays are already right around the corner! 

3. Try out a New Restaurant

While I was in Huntsville a few weeks ago, I visited the Old Blackbear Brewery in downtown Madison, AL. Especially if you're exploring somewhere that you might want to walk around, its really nice once the weather cools off! I was able to walk in and around the shops downtown without my hair growing 8 sizes or my makeup melting off! 

What are your favorite things to do in the fall when the weather starts to turn cool??

Let me know in the comments!