5 Ways to Embrace Fall...


Hi guys! I’ve been feeling super swamped lately, and unfortunately, blogging and Instagram were the things that fell lower down on my to do list. That being said, I’ve had a bunch of blog ideas floating around that I have been wanting to post, but haven’t had the time to actually write!

I love fall. It is my favorite season, bar none. I love watching the leaves change to all the pretty colors. Or walking down a tree-lined sidewalk and watching as the wind swirls the leaves all around. Or sitting down with a cozy blanket, a book, and some coffee (or tea!) while lighting up a fall-scented candle. Even though it doesn’t feel like fall quite yet in Alabama, I wanted to share a few things that are on my fall bucket list, that way we can all start to get into the fall spirit together!


Get Outdoors & Enjoy the Cooler Temps

Here in Alabama, that means i'm waking up a little earlier to get Cooper to the park before the sun is fully out, but it's still super nice to be able to wear yoga pants without burning up! I also like opening up the windows in the evening to let some fresh air in. 

Break out the Pumpkins!

This is one that I actually did over the weekend. I was so excited to being out my little chalk painted pumpkins and put them out on my mantle! I also have my little pumpkin flower arrangement that I made last year (see it here!)

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

I know this is right along the lines of breaking out the pumpkins, but there’s something about going and picking out a real pumpkin, and seeing all the different shapes, sizes, and colors that really makes it feel like fall!

Last year was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to make it to an actual pumpkin patch, but I did spend quite a bit of time perusing the selection at my local home depot, which was fun in its own way!

look at the leaves


i'm always in favor of jumping in piles of leaves, one year we even raked the whole yard into a giant pile and then had a little Photoshoot! Even though we still haven't had a lot of leaves falling around here yet, there are still some really pretty ones on the trees! They're just starting to turn form their summer-y green! 




Bake some fall treats

There are so many recipes that I’ve been putting off until fall “got here” but I think I may go ahead and try a few of them! Baking and cooking is one of my favorite parts of the season, and it one of the main reasons why I’m excited to share that something exciting is coming to LBS in the next few weeks!


I want to know –

What are your favorite ways to embrace fall?