Weekly Wishlist: Four Incredible Home Experts You Need To Know

I haven't exactly decided what this Weekly Wishlist series is going to be... so for now, i'll be sharing different topics I like!

This week I wanted to round up a few of my favorite designers & home style experts ... to be honest, I wasn't sure what to call some of them, so those names fit everyone! This week I wanted so share three of my favorite designers, that way if you haven't already seen their work, you can check them out! These women have all worked so hard in creating their brands, and are so passionate about what they do, I want to be like that.


Stylist & Home Expert, Emily Henderson

I discovered Emily Henderson's designs on Instagram a few years ago, and ya'll. I want her to come re-do my entire house. I really love her style, but she is also SO relatable. One of my favorite quotes from her blog(which you can visit by clicking here!) is: "I believe that your home should look like you, that every room is soul-less without something vintage or antique. I also believe in having fun. Like, a lot of fun." I'm so inspired by her home and the way she makes it so stylish, modern, and inviting but also kid friendly! i also really love that she posts ways to achieve the "look" that you want for your home with different budget levels – so great for someone like me who is trying to get my house all set on my (formerly) graduate student budget! 

Blogger + Designer, Emily Jones.

Emily's blog has been incredible influential on the development of Little Bleu Studio, I love that she uses her platform to talk about not just home design, but also so many other topics that help cultivate a creative life. 

Designer & RENOVATOR, Joanna Gaines

Now, you guys already know how much I love Joanna Gaines, but I couldn't make a list of my 4 favorite home experts and not talk about her! I love how important family and faith are to her, and then there's her home decor style. Whites and natural textures are my favorite and she uses them all so well together! She's the farmhouse design inspiration that I will always, always love.

Designer & Renovator, Ashley Cordray

So, Ashley & Michael Cordray are a couple that I found on Instagram this week! They share my love of old homes, and y'all – these houses turn out so pretty!! Check them out on Instagram or on the Saving Galveston page on HGTV.com