Three Things to Do In Tuscaloosa (Besides Football)

A couple days ago I was talking to someone and part way through the conversation, they asked "Lauren, what actually is there to do in Tuscaloosa?" and I had to think for a minute, because I've always felt like there are a lot of options for activities if you live here, are visiting, or are moving down here for school! Even when I don't feel like "going out" I've always been aware of the events that are going on in town that I could go to if I changed my mind, so this week, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Tuscaloosa things! 

1. Take a Walk at the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk/Masterson Landing has been one of my favorite places to visit in Tuscaloosa since I moved here all the way back in 2010. My roommates and I used to nap there when we needed a break from the dorm, Cooper and I went for walks there (we even let a date tag along once!), and once I started grad school, sometimes I would walk down there during my lunch breaks. It's a beautiful park that feels like a whole different world form the hustle and bustle of Tuscaloosa & campus

2. Eat at Taco Mama

I know I'm probably biased, but the Taco Mama in Tuscaloosa is my favourite!! The people there are so, so, so very friendly, and the food is always great! 

3. Visit an Art Gallery

We have lots of art galleries here in Tuscaloosa, and all of them are great! You could stop in Harrison Gallery, the Paul R. Jones Gallery, the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center if you're looking to stay off campus, or on campus you can visit the Sella Granata Gallery and/or the Sara Moody Gallery

Bonus Activities!

A. If you're visiting with kids...

Check out the Children's Hands On Museum! Located downtown within talking distance to lots of restaurants and little shops, my parents brought me here when I was a kid and i L O V E D this place. Also, the playground at Snow Hinton park looks really fun! 

B. If you're over 21...

We have a couple different breweries worth checking out, but my favorite is Black Warrior Brewery downtown! Druid City, and Band of Brothers are also great, or you could stop into my favorite bar, Loosa!

C. If you like football...

Visit the Paul R Bryant Museum to learn a little bit more about one of the Crimson Tide's legendary coaches. And if you are interested in that little team we have here in town, you can see their schedule here

D. If you like to shop...

Walking around Midtown Village, or the new Shoppes at Legacy Park, means you're close to shopping and lots of restaurants! 

E. If you want to see more of campus...


Pictures at Bryant Denny Stadiun, the Saban statue, on the Quad, and Denny Chimes are must sees. Visiting the Natural History Museum in Smith Hall (just off of the Quad!) is a fun activity too!! 



That ended up being a few more than three, I know. But I felt like the fourth option needed to be a little more personalized, so I could make suggestions for a wider range of interests!

What are your favorite things to do in Tuscaloosa? Is there anything you think I should add to my list?