A Few Facts About Lauren

As I was working on the site updates over the weekend, I realized that my "Ten Facts About Me" was way out of date!! So I decided I would do a quick update to it, just to let you guys get to know me a little more!

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1. I love old homes. Taking a well-loved, time worn space and highlighting its character while breathing new life into a space has been an incredible journey with my little bleu house. Nowadays, when I walk into an older home, my brain immediately starts trying to imagine the lives that were lived there, and then I come up with what I would do to show off the charm of the original features.

2. I'm drawn to timeless, classic design styles, but I love to incorporate a few fun or quirky accents to make the space feel like me. Right now, I've been drawn to mid-century modern, and farmhouse styles. 

3. I just finished my thesis, and will graduate in August 2017 with my master's degree in American Art History! 

4. My thesis topic was Haitian Vodou Flags, they're so incredibly beautiful and I'm fascinated by them.

5. My favorite "going out" food is sushi. I could eat it everyday. My favorite "Fast food" is Jimmy Johns. When I'm cooking, I really like to make oven-baked chicken or pasta. When my mama's cooking, I love greenbean casserole.

6. I still drink too much coffee. For Christmas last year I got a nespresso machine and it is AMAZING. Game-changer, for sure. 

7.  I'm an INFP, and have been getting really good at guessing other people's types as I'm around them more. I'm idealistic, creative, open-minded and loyal, that can lead to being too sensitive or sometimes too idealistic, and some types think INFPS are not realistic enough. I know a lot of people don't like the MBTi, but I think it can be really helpful in learning how to best interact with others, if your SO is a certain type, you can better understand the way they approach situations, and from there you can figure out how to communicate with each other the best.  Do you know which personality type you are?? Let me know!! Or, if you haven't taken it, you can do it here through 16 Personalities!


Now I want to get to know YOU better!

What's your favorite food? Do you know your Myers-Briggs type? 

Should forks and spoons face up or down in the dish washer?

Let me know in the comments! 

xo, Lauren


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