Ten Things To Buy For Your Home In Your Twenties

I'm a firm believer in searching for pieces for my house that I know will stand the test of time and last through changes in fads and home trends. Especially in the last few years I've been looking for a few key pieces that I know I'll want to take with me and keep in my future spaces, that would also match if I decide to change up my decor style a little. I realize with back to school and move-ins happening, a lot of people will be looking for items with which to fill their dorms and apartments, so I wanted to share a list of pieces I think are worth investing in while you shop! So without further ado, here are ten things to buy for your home in your twenties!


1. A Nice Comforter/Duvet

My junior year of college (for Christmas, I think) I got a beautiful navy blue comforter from Anthropologie. It was amazing. The perfect weight, super soft, and different than the bedding I'd seen on everyone else and their cousin's beds. So, when it came time to buy a new comforter when i was moving into my house and buying a bigger mattress, I went straight back to that same brand/style. I still have the navy one though! It's still one of my favorite blankets and I use it when the weather turns cold. 

2. A Vinyl Collection

Self Explanatory.

3. Linens

Once you get out of college, or get a job while you're in college, consider using some of your splurge money to get some nice sheets! And contrary to popular belief, higher thread count doesn't always mean better sheets! Look for what kind of fiber your sheets are made of! Egyptian Cotton is sposed to be one of the best. As a general rule, get at least a 200 thread count, and anything over 800 will feel pretty much the same. I also like to splurge on blankets and throws for my living room, which I guess are still linens(?).. they make a whole space feel so cozy! 

4. Dishes… That Match

Before I went off to college (Roll Tide!) my mom and I got some really pretty red and white plastic plates. Then, when I moved into my first apartment, We had a kind of random open shelf and decided we needed to get some pretty blue/green plates that would match the living room decor. So when I eventually moved into my house, I had two mismatched sets of plastic dishes. One of my first priorities was to get some "adult" plates that were pretty and all matched. Bonus - these are microwave safe, which felt like a huge win! 


Self Explanatory.

6. Art, not the mass produced kind

You can even make your own! I was working on a new painting the other day while I was getting my Air Conditioner repaired, and one of the guys stopped on their way out to ask if I had any paintings available to sell!

Need ideas? Check out "How to Find Affordable Art: The Ultimate Online Source List" from Apartment Therapy!

7. Couch

My checklist was 1 - COLOR, 2 - COST 3 - SHAPE /// I knew I wanted something in a neutral color, with clean lines, that wouldn't break the bank, so I made sure to go looking over labor day weekend when I knew all the stores would be having sales! I love how the grey/oatmeal color matches all the different pillows I throw on it! 

8. Dining Room Table

When I went shopping for my dining room table, I was focused on finding something that would seat a good amount of people, but would also be functional as a workspace when I don't have guests over. It was also really important that it work with the "farmhouse" wood table look with a bit of a modern/industrial twist. I was super lucky to find exactly what I was looking for at The Attic in Tuscaloosa! 

9. TV

I mean, it is almost football season...

10. Measuring Cups & Kitchen utensils 

Side note: Be sure to get a set with the 2/3 cup! Trust me, it makes baking & cooking SO MUCH easier

what are some things you think are essential in your twenties? Do you think there's anything I should add to my list?