Southern Gal's Guide to Dishware

With football season here, and holidays somewhere around the corner, the next few months are going to be filled with opportunities to gather together with family and friends. If you're going ot be hosting dinners, or are wanting to invest in some new dining ware, I wanted to share a quick guide ot the different dishware options, that way you can make an informed decision before you walk into the store or click "order" online!   But lets start with the basics:

What is included in a basic place setting?

Remember, Forks!

  • Use the word FORKS to help you set your table, the Forks ("F") go on the left, the plates ("O" shaped) go next, and then to the Right ("R") of the plate, put your Knife {"K") and your Spoon ("S")
  • You can also use the abbreviation BMW to help you remember what goes above the plate, with your Bread plate up and to the right of the Meal, and the Wine or Water to the left. 
  • Only place utensils out with your table setting that you will be using during the meal
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What Are the different kinds of dishware?


Stoneware is a really durable material for your plates! Stoneware is non-porous, made with clay and ground stone, and sturdy. It's a great option for everyday dish ware! This set from Target | Threshold is GORGEOUS. 


Ironstone is a type of stoneware that is fortified with flecks of ironstone prior to firing, which makes It stronger than other stoneware. I love the details of this set from Pier 1!


Earthenware is not quite as durable as stoneware, it will chip more easily than stoneware or porcelain, but it's still really pretty! The thinner material allows for little details to be added onto them to make them really unique! Earthenware is a ceramic that has been glazed and then fired at a low temperature. Check out this pretty blue set from Wayfair!


Porcelain is a kind of dishware made of fine clay, through a process that leaves the finished product thin and delicate, and an almost translucent finish. I usually think of porcelain as a "special occasion" dinnerware, but depending on your lifestyle, it could make any meal feel really elegant! Porcelain is a middle weight, and pretty durable. It's made by firing at a high temperature, which makes it long lasting! How cute are these porcelain tea rests from World Market?!


Dolomite is highly decorative, really lightweight, and fired at a low temperature. Dolomite dish ware usually has really intense colors! Check out this gorgeous set from Pier 1!


Terracotta dishes are porous, clay based, and fired at low temperatures. This type of dishware is usually of warm and rustic colors, and must be glazed after firing. Crate and Barrel has an amazing set, here!


Melamine is durable and kid-friendly and can be made in a variety of colors and shapes! It's probably the most kid friendly option out there! I love these from Wayfair -- great neutrals for fall


I've had so much fun researching and reading about the different kinds of dishware! Do you have a favorite kind? I love how arranging different table settings can build so many different vibes/aesthetics for a table top! 

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