Dorm Details {gals}

Hi guys! Now that it's August (which is crazy – where did summer go?!)  I wanted to post a quick guide for dorm accessories! has a great Back To School sale right now, which i've definitely been checking out (while dreaming of having a dining room/kitchen to decorate!) but I wanted to let y'all know in case you're looking for last minute dorm/apartment decor! 

Boho/Artsy | Ecclectic


1. Hortence Comforter Set by Andover Mills - $40.99 for a Twin

This comforter set, shown in the coral color(but also comes in FIVE other colors!) is really simple, but I think that a pretty color paired with the pintuck detail would be a greaet way to add some personality to a room! 

2. Albertslund 5 Piece Quilt Set by Bungalow Rose - $85.99 for a Full/Queen

I love the pattern of this set! The different colors would allow for so many different color choices as an accent, and would give even the plainest of rooms some really cool vibes. 

3. Ornate Indian Elephant-Boho by Famenxt Wall Tapestry by KESS InHouse - $55.99 for a 50" H x 6-" W

When I lived in the dorms, I quickly grew tired of the bland walls, and ended up going with wall decals to make them more interesting. This tapestry is a cozy way to add texture and detail to a blank, sterile feeling wall! 

4. Babar Cube Pouf Ottoman by Brite Ideas Living - $28.99

Study sessions? Hang out with friends? Gab session with the roomies? Poufs are a great way to add extra seating to a dorm or apartment space! 

5. Wayfair Basics 3 Compartment Pencil Brush Holder by Wayfair Basics - $12.99

While this is named a pencil holder, it could also be used for cotton balls or q-tips(as pictured) or hair accessories/jewelry! I like that the hexagonal shape makes them a little more interesting than a square or circled pencil holder, but they keep all the functionality! 

6. 3 Piece Prisma Wall Decor Set by Umbra - $38.45

I really want to get these for my own walls! These would make for fun additions to a wall, and I think you could even add some airplants(real or artificial!) to add some greenery to the room!

Clean & Simple | Minimalistic 

  1. Nantwich Comforter Set by House of Hampton - $67.15
    • This monochromatic comforter is great if you're not really sure what colors you want to use in your space. It also comes in aqua, black, and taupe! 
  2. Kayley Comforter Set by Intelligent Design - $51.99
    • this one is great if you want something simple, but with a little more color than the Nantwich comforter. The reverse(on the other side from the gray chevron) comes in both yellow and teal. 
  3. Foldable Storage Ottoman by Hodedah - $26.99
    • I used my storage ottoman so much my freshmen year! And I still have it. Freshmen year I used it to store warmer clothes during the early fall, and then swapped it out for summer clothes once the weather turned cooler. Since I raised my bed, the ottoman easily slid underneath when I wasn't using it, but it also provided a nice "boost" to make climbing into bed easier. 
  4. Marquee Dry Erase Chalkboard Wall Decal by Wall Candy Arts - $48.99
    • When I lived in the dorms, and in an apartment, having a giant space on the wall where I could write important deadlines, upcoming events, or just quotes that I liked, was SO helpful! I like the clean lines of this one, and it's reposition-able/removable & dry erase! So easy! 
  5. Bright Wood Desk Organizers Storage Box Set by Bindertek - $24.99
    • Coming in 5 different colors, these storage boxes are a great way to add color to your room AND they're great for organizing your workspace! 
  6. 7 Piece Round Mirror Set by Elements - $13.99 
    • Pretty AND practical! These spherical mirrors would be great in any space, but place them across from a window and they'll reflect light back into your room! Makes for a cozier space & an easy way to check your reflection before heading out to class!


What were/ are your favorite dorm/apartment accessories or furnishings? Let me know in the comments!