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2016 Wall Trend

I don’t know how many of you are on Pinterest, but every year they create a board called the “Pinterest 100.” A collection of pins from Pinterest staff (& "top pinners") that are trending in various popular categories. One of the trends that I’ve definitely been on board with lately is gray walls. I mean, I still love some white walls, but while I was designing a room for my cousin over the summer, I definitely felt inspired by gray walls with natural elements/colors as accents. Grey skies, fog, my gray blanket… it’s a great color(a “gray”-t color! ...kidding!)

It's all about gray. Gunmetal is the new copper and shades of gray will take over. Nothing is chic'er then a gray room with some accent colors. Looks calm and collected," – Paul Lowe. 

So, this week I wanted to talk about a few ways that gray walls can work in your space.

(Image credit:  Ollie & Seb's Haus )

(Image credit: Ollie & Seb's Haus)

1.     When you’re choosing a wall color,  a lot of times its advised to choose white for a small space, in order to make it look bigger(the idea that white walls will reflect more light into the space).. but with a dark shade of gray, the walls become more active & interesting. As the light changes in the room throughout the day, the color or tone of the gray changes with it. I like how this room combines the white walls that make a room feel bright and airy, but the dark gray accent wall makes it look interesting and warm! 

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2.     If you’re hopping on the gray kitchen bandwagon, go with a warmer shade, that way the space will be inviting and cozy and a perfect place for gathering.

a.     If you’re interested, here’s a really great article from Houzz on “When to Use Gray in A Kitchen"

3.     Gray walls can be accented with bold colors and patterns, as well as different textures… this helps the space from looking to cold or drab!

4.     Blue Gray: The color of my bedroom. It’s a great shade for rooms that face South(that get sun through the majority of the day)  and it “cools” the space. I really like that it makes the space feel calm and serene, but is also neutral enough that I can pair it with lots of different accent color options!

Room: Emma Reddington Photo: Design Sponge

Room: Emma Reddington Photo: Design Sponge

5.     Charcoal Gray colors are darker, and appear elegant on the walls. They pair most easily with bold colors, and a variety of textures. The shade also looks great with white!

a.     Gray & Yellow is always a good combination, but you could also go with a cranberry color or different shades of green!

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