Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas From Wayfair

Not sponsored by Wayfair, I just love them! 

Hi everyone! I've been really excited about mid-century modern lately (so much so that I added it to my Instagram bio!) so I wanted to put together an affordable buying guide for revamping a room on a couple different budgets, for a couple different components of the room! If you've been around LBS for a while, you might remember my Beginners Guide to Mid-Century Modern that I posted a while back, where I talked about the architecture style as a whole, but this time, I wanted to focus on the accents and furniture! How fun are the leggy furniture pieces, patterns, and colors of these different rooms?! I'm obsessed.  All of these products came from Wayfair, which I love because they have free shipping! I feel like half the time when I find an online product that I love, the shipping fees kill me! But not with this company, so I can "window shop" to my hearts content! 

Full Living Room Reno: $1010.93


I did this one in case you're moving in somewhere, and wanting to start completely over with your furniture. New couch, new pillows, everything. But, with more furniture, of course you have to spread your budget, and don't have a ton to spare on accessories.

You could always go to your local Michaels, Target, Hobby Lobby, or Dollar General and pick up some white/unscented pillar candles to keep on the table, and add some of your favorite books to give your coffee table decor some height! 


Keeping The Couch Reno: $460.90

So this is where we started

So this is where we started

So for this one, I wanted to talk about ways to update your space, while keeping things you already have. I kept this one under $500, but could easily have spent more if I'd added a rug, or curtains, or more accessories.

Instead, i focused my budget on smaller, more affordable add-ons like the geometric pillows and the hanging plants, and splurged on the light fixture and the leggy chair. The pouf adds extra seating, as well as a fun neutral to the space! 


Creating A Cozy Corner: $236.95


For this section, I wanted to talk about adding little updates to a corner of your room, to emphasize how big of an impact that can have on your space. If you follow along on Instagram, you might have noticed that lately I've been posting LOTS of pictures of my space heater corner and my record/bar cart corner. Part of it is that those are basically the only clean corners of the house, but it's also because I love the "feel" that they give my room! I'm not looking to update my whole house, but changing up these two corners has made the house feel so much more modern!