Loving Lately #1: Cactus Home Accents


Hey guys! Happy Monday! I just wanted to hop on and do a quick round up of some of my favorite cactus-themed decor objects, because they are E V E R Y W H E R E right now! And I love them. And I'm so happy with my mantle right now, and can't see myself changing it much for a while.

At some point over the last two years I started shifting away from what I called "industrial farmhouse" decor, even though it was probably at its peak in popularity over on the 'gram. My house is old, but definitely not what I would call a "farmhouse" so it makes sense to shift my style a little bit. Plus, The more I've read and learned about different design styles, and the move I've followed incresible designers like Emily Henderson from Style by Emily Henderson, I've realized maybe I'm more of a mid-century modern/boho kind of gal. Even though I think I'll always love a few nods to farmhouse, here and there. 

I'd always had a few succulents, and a very large aloe plant around, but plants were never front and center until this year. Once I took down all my Christmas decor, I spent a couple weeks with an empty mantle until I decided that maybe I would add a few of those Target dollar spot cacti to it, and from there I found a few more, and kept adding until it was the #jungalow mantle of my dreams. (Well, almost, I still have a few hanging plants I'd like to get, but I dont want to spend the $$ yet.)

So, since cacti seem to be very popular on social media these days, I wanted to round up a few of my favorites just in case you were looking to add some prickly friends to your space. I included some dining cacti accents, planters that can go anywhere, living accents, and a few more pieces that I just really liked. Let me know what you think! 

Oh, and here's a little view of my mantle as it's changed over the last few weeks! 


NOTE: If the little shoppable carousels don't load, try refreshing the page! For some reason they've been having trouble in this post! 

C A C T U S   D I N N E R W A R E   

 &   B A R W A R E  

One really great way to keep your decor looking sharp is to add some cacti to your tabletop or barcart! Even though they're really trendy or "big" right now, I'm pretty sure investing in dinnerware with these prints will never really go out of style – they'll be perfect for your table scape from now through the whole rest of the summer, and then you can bring them back out next spring! If you splurge on some desert green decor for yur dinnerware, I'd stick to solids for your napkins, of if you're using my favorite napkin trick, I would use a solid napkin for the outer layer, and a fun pattern for the inside one. 

C A C T U S  P L A N T E R S

Cactus Planters. A few people asked over on the 'gram about this cactus planter, and I have been looking everywhere trying to find it online! It was a TJ MAxx find, and I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. But I WAS able to find a bunch of really cute, really unique cacti pots, vases, and planters, that would add SO MUCH personality to your space! 

S h a r p 

L i v i n g  R o o m s

I know you could add some planters to your living area to add some cactus-accents to your space, but I wanted to round up a few ideas for your living room! How great are those cacti coasters?! I love them. 

S H A R P   B E D R O O M S 

We can't leave our sleeping spaces out! My room has been last on my list for my home projects, and it's been pretty neglected here on the blog, so i'm going to try to do a better job of talking about bedroom accents. I think this little cactus ring dish would be a GREAT addition to your bedside table! I know I love having a little bowl by my bed to put my rings, earrings, or necklaces in when I forget to take them off before bed! That way they all stay in one spot :)