Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Make Up Kit

Hi everyone! I received this kit a couple weeks ago from Influenster for Jane Iredale's #puresimpleyou campaign, and wanted to share my thoughts about this product with you! If you're new to the blog, or haven't heard about Influenster, its a company that works with bloggers(or no bloggers!) and sends them free products from different companies that they/we test out and then review. Even though I got this product for free, all the opinions I share about it are my own! I would never want to tell you guys something was great if it wasn't!


I've always been really excited & impressed with the products I've received through Inflienster, and was so happy to get this makeup kit! It's so pretty! I actually took it with me to a bachelorette weekend at the lake!


Lets start with the positives, the packaging was incredible. I was truly blown away by the tissue paper, and the sprig of lavendar under the sticker that held everything together was such a nice touch!


I was really happy with the lip stain, I got the shade "forever peach," which I was a little nervous about, because it looks a little orange in the tube.

The shades inside the palette were also super pretty! As a southerner, I love classic, neutral shades when it comes to make up (and home decor, too I guess!)

I loved the two shades of eye shadow, and loved how they looked when paired with my normal foundation. I also had to apply it with a separate brush, because the one included in this kit made it really hard to blend the colors! 



I was less impressed with the coverage of the foundation. I don't often wear mineral makeup, so it may have had something to do with user error, but I felt like this makeup wouldn't work for someone living in the hot, humid climate we get here in Alabama. I put this on in the morning before we went and had mimosas/brunch by the pool, and within minutes I felt like my face was melting right off! 

The "blush" was also a little more like bronzer for me, and I actually prefer bronzer to blush so it wasn't a problem for me, but if you're someone with fair skin that is looking for a pinky blush, I wouldn't choose this one. 

The brush in this kit felt really scratchy, so I ended up applying it with a separate powder brush, and (like I mentionned above) the eye shadow applicator was not great for blending. 

So all in all, I was pretty happy with the kit, and will probably continue to use it in conjunction with my normal foundation. I don't think it gives me quite enough coverage to use on its own as a foundation. I really love the eyeshadows, and will probably use them all the time. My favorite was the lip stain, it felt great and I really liked the color! I probably won't run out and buy this shade unless my skin stops being so oily, but I would recommend it to someone who enjoys mineral foundations, or foundations with lighter coverage!