DIY Art Ideas: Personalize Your Walls With Art By You!

Hi guys! So, a lot of the art work in my house is stuff that I decided to do one afternoon with materials from around my house. I really love looking through Pinterest and Etsy to get inspired or see what art is "trending," then I plan out what I want to do and play around with different mediums



I ALWAYS have acrylic paint laying around somewhere, so that was the first thing I used when I was making this painting for my living room. 

All it took was a rectangular canvas, some texture goop(which can be found in your local Michaels Store, usually on one of the bottom shelves in the paint aisle!) and a few different colors of acrylic (I think I also used some of the leftover white from the walls, that way it all kind of has the same feel to it.)

I think, especially if you're not super comfortable with painting, doing an abstract piece with some texture can be a really cool way to get your own work in your home!


Another project that I did last fall was making a few different watercolors! I decided that these two went together pretty well with the reds, so I found this frame and the matte board to display them together. 

I used watercolor set that I think I found in the children's aisle at target! You can definitely make really pretty art for your walls from really easy materials! 

Since all of my dining room stuff is still stacked in my guest room, I wasn't able to find very much 



I'm in the process of ordering some prints to make available for purchase, and I'll definitely be adding some up on my own walls as well! 

Displaying your photos is a great way to have daily reminders of great memories, as well as being really unique & cool artwork! I have a couple that I personally want and will post later, but pictures like these can really add a lot to a room! especially if you find one with an almost monochromatic color palette, or one that matches the colors in your home!

Mpix is a GREAT website that will turn your photographs into wall art for you to hang up! Definitely one to check out. 


Do you have any art work of yours hanging up in your house? Whats your favorite way to create art? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Lauren

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