Beginners Guide to the Kon Mari Method

HI EVERYONE! So, having to move all my furniture into my bedroom/guest room this week has me (somewhat) seriously looking in to becoming a minimalist. I was really excited that all of it did fit, but it was a big wake up call on needing to spend some time focusing on decluttering. Since the AC is off in my house through monday, and its July in Alabama, I'm going to wait until after the weekend to start, but I decided I'd take this time to come up with a strategy, and then I wanted to share with you guys! I also decided I'd take the time to figure out what exacly Kon Mari is, since it's EVERYWHERE right now, and then write it all up into a pretty, tidy blog post for you all :-)

I was really happy to find THIS awesome article from Pop Sugar on a 7 Day Kon Mari inspired Challenge for Beginners, and i'm planning on starting it on Monday! 

What is Kon Mari?

So, Kon Mari is a cleaning method that was created by Marie Kondo, a Japanese "decluttering expert."  The process is based around one rule, that sounds a lot easier than I think it will be(for me atleast!) – if you don't love it, don't keep it. This article from Dr. Christine Northup talks about the Kon Mari Method, but also goes into the psychology behind clutter, which I thought was REALLY interesting.

Along with teaching you HOW to declutter, Kondo also talks about the best ways to store what you don't get rid of, 

One of the things that I thought was really interesting about Kon Mari, is the idea of not cleaning by "room" but by "category." So, if I start going through books, I'll go through all the books in the whole house before moving on to the next category.

Since my house is kind of in a weird state right now, i'm actually going to be breaking that rule, and cleaning by room, but also kind of by category! This is the chart I'm going to use for my room on "Day 1" and I'll try to update this with more plans for the rest of the week later! 




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