Hi guys! I think I've finally got my schedule back to Central time! Waking up two hours earlier than normal was really bringing me down for a bit! On Wednesday, I helped my mom put on an "Escape Room" type game night for the youth group at my parents' church, which was a full day but SO much fun & I think(& hope!) the kids had fun!  Today I wanted to post a review on my new favorite restaurant on the St. Lawrence! 

La Monnaguette, which is located at the Cassis Monna & Filles vineyards on l'Île d'Orléans. The restaurant opened for the summer the same day we visited, which was also the opening of their terrasse area! It was absolutley beautiful and their poutine au confit de canard was the best poutine I've ever hard. It's the stuff of dreams!



I posted this picture of the inside of the space, between the restaurant and their ice cream shop (yum!) on my Instagram two weeks ago, and ya'll. I'm not usually fond of bright green furniture, but I LOVE it in this setting. The table in the foreground is a large farmhouse-style table that was the perfect spot to enjoy some crème glacée de cassis! 

Their menu is provided with both the French and English translations, my group ordered different things off the menu, but their pulled pork ciabatta with black currant vinaigrette (Sandwich au porc effiloché de la belle sœur au vin de cassis) was a big hit, as was their popcorn chicken with black currant honey (Poulet « pop corn » & miel baratté au cassis).

Like I said, I tried the Duck Confit Poutine with Le Capiteux wine sauce(Poutine au confit de canard* & sauce au vin de cassis Le Capiteux) and it was AMAZING. and if you don't want to have this dish as a meal by all yourself, I'm sure other people in your party would be willing to take a few bites(mine sure were!)

Downstairs from the restaurant and ice cream shop, we did a wine tasting of their four different liquors: the créme de cassis, fruité, Madérisé, and Capiteaux(click here for descriptions on their website!)

I LOVED this little archway which led into a room full of shelves with their wine. 

If you want to read more on the history of Cassis Monna & Filles, click here

I hope you all have fun weekends up ahead & Happy Fourth of Julys!!

xo, Lauren.