Spinach Salad /// With Olives, Feta, and Cranberries

One of my favorite(& easy) salad recipes, that usually ends up being my go-to side when I'm planning for a big dinner, is a spinach salad with cranberry and feta!


 1. First, wash up some spinach, & I like to cut the stems off before I add the leaves to the salad bowl.

2. Next crumble feta cheese, and add it to the spinach. This step goes more by taste than anything else I think.

3. Add cranberries, I usually add anywhere between a cup and a cup and a half.

4. Add olives. This step, again, is to taste. If you're going to be sharing the salad with someone that doesn't like olives, you can keep them on the side and let people add it if they want to.

5. Grilled Chicken, a lot of times, just to save money on having to buy fresh chicken breasts every time I cook, I like to use frozen chopped chicken in my recipes. For this salad, if you're going to use it as more of a "meal" than as a "side dish," topping it with chicken makes it much more filling!

~ Note, if you want to add a fruity flair to your salad, adding fresh cut strawberries is a perfect addition !

6. Top with Italian Salad Dressing and you're good to go!