2018 Home Trends

Hi everyone! 

I know that I should've gotten this post up... a month ago? But I really haven't felt like I had a good picture in my head of what trends I thought would be big this year. So I finally had a few days off where I've been perusing Pinterest, and I think I've come up with some good ones, maybe. I've been obsessed with following along Emily Henderson's trend ideas for the Kitchen & Bathroom that she's posted in the last few weeks, but I wanted to keep mine a little more general. Although, maybe breaking them into multiple posts next year would allow me to create more content that would be more specific & therefore more helpful to guys? I made pinterest boards for all five so you can follow along if you'd like to see some different inspiration for how to add these things into your home. 

What do you think?



This light shade of pink seems to be EVERYWHERE right now. Right now, I've really only brought it in with a few throw pillows that I purchased from Hobby Lobby after scouring their website for coupons (a MUST for every trip to Hob Lob or Michaels!) I think pillows are a quick and easy way to throw some of this trendy color onto your couch or bed, but it still leaves you room to cover them with a pillow cover later when you're ready to change it up. Blankets & pillows or candles and mugs are also way less of a commitment than painting the walls of your house or adding statement wallpaper, but they can have a huge impact in refreshing a room just the same!

2. Colorful Front Doors

Obviously, the front of your house creates the first impression of your home, so by default your front door can be a great way to add a pop of personality right off the bat! Take red doors, for instance. Historically, this hue meant that Early American travelers would be welcomed into the residence to safely rest.


3. Large Scale Wall Art

The right piece of art can be the perfect way to "complete" a space. I love how easily a giant abstract piece can make a larger wall feel finished without feeling as cluttered as a gallery wall would(and y'all know my love of gallery walls!). Big pieces of art are an amazing way to add interest, color, and texture to your space! Check out my large scale art board to be inspired by some really impressive pieces! 


4. Mixing Your Metals

The trend towards mixing metals isn't really "new" this year, but I think its going to be more common. My favorites are prbably black steel, bronze, and copper. Metals with warmer tones (brass, bronze, copper, etc.) pair really well with cooler hued metals (stainless steel, aluminum, silver, etc.)



5. Plants

I'm really loving how popular indoor plants have become. That being said, all i've managed to keep alive are my succulents, and an aloe plant. So I'm really relying on faux plants here. But apparently my lack of green thumb is a pretty common thing, because there are SO MANY great faux options lately! Working on a blog post/round up of some of my favorites to post this week or next! 

What are some trends that you're excited about this year?