Heading Towards an Effortless-Moody-Vintage-Parisian Aesthetic for my Bedroom.


This is a story about how I made a small step towards making this room not “my least favorite space in the whole house.” Because it has so much potential. SO MUCH. It gets great light, and it has a good amount of space, but compared to the charm and character of the original rooms of my little bleu house, this one has always felt pretty meh… One of the items on my list for 2019 is to finally bite the bullet on a long weekend and paint it a bolder colour, but the trick will be finding a colour that feels “old” and Effortless-Moody-Vintage-Parisian Aesthetic. Is that a style? Because after shooting this space the other day and styling my end table with these pretty colours and my Modigliani print and the candlestick collection, I think thats the vibe this space needs. I feel like the way it’s styled for this photos is the feel I always want it to have, I might just need to work on a better name for it.

This year I realized I spend 10 hours a day at work + an hour driving to work + an hour at dinner/running errands, every day. So that leaves about 12 hours that I spend at home, with the majority of those hours sleeping. THEREFORE, this year I decided I wanted to bring some Christmas cheer out of the living room and into my sleep space, and I’m so incredibly happy about it.

All the major pieces are linked at the bottom, the candlesticks and throw pillows, however, are just pieces I’ve collected along the way here and there!






Is that a style?

I had a really hard time which Modigliani lady I liked best in this space, which one do you like better?!