2017 Home Trend Predictions

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of fun looking back at my Pinterest boards last week and seeing how my style tastes have changed over the last year – like, right now my Home Board is filled with lots of gray walls and black & white accents, and my kitchen and living room boards are full of neutrals and soft textures.  Recently I saw a post on Lonny Magazine on Pinterest’s predictions for 2017 Home Trends. I was really excited about them, especially the wood tile part – my kitchen floors have been my favorite for several months now!  But seeing their post inspired me to post some home trend predictions of my own!

Wall Colors –

I think that White is still going to be a pretty popular wall color in 2017, there’s something really clean about it that, and especially if you’re a photographer, white walls are great for pictures since it won’t influence the color of your subjects. I also think that darker grays and deep blues will spike in popularity again (not that they every really went away, but I think Pinterest/Instagram will see some darker walls soon!)

If you’d rather have some color on the walls, look for light colors that still feel airy and clean, but aren’t as muted as white interiors. See this list from Wit and Delight for “Six Paint Colors Worthy of Ditching White Walls”  

Like I talked about a few months ago, and in my more recent post about what to do with dark spaces, I think gray/dark blue walls will have a pretty big moment in 2017. 

Accent Colors -

Greens. As much as neutrals and metals were big in 2016, I think that natural colors and textures will see a boost in 2017. Not to say that metals won’t be around, I think copper especially is going to stick around, but I think a lot of the industrial décor we’ve been seeing is going to be softened by some natural pieces this year.

I think blacks and whites will still be big, as will grays, but softer pastels are a great way to balance metals and grays/blacks/whites too! I'll probably use what I got last year and incoporate some pinks and yellows in the spring, and then blues and whites once we get closer to summer!

Floors –

This pick is something I’m basing on some reading I’ve been doing over the last few weeks, but I think wood tiles are going to gain popularity this year. Which, is really exciting, because that’s what I just put in my kitchen! With regard to real woods, I think medium to light stain colors are going to be more popular, since dark stain colors are now seen as showing all the dirt (or dust, or pet hair….) I recommend Provincial ­ – it’s on my floors and I LOVE it! (although, it might still be a little dark if your room doesn’t get a ton of light!)

Art –

Big, bold, abstract. I think that we will a lot of big canvas work in 2017. Gallery walls are beautiful, and I love them, but there’s also something to be said for a big statement piece that takes up the same amount of space, adds the same amount of OOMPH, but doesn’t require a ton of time deciding how to arrange each individual element. And, an abstract piece doesn’t have to be bold in color! Two of my favorites from my portfolio are really neutral. One is just white, but the boldness is in the texture used to create shadows on the piece. The other is the big piece I did last year where I poured different strengths of coffee onto a canvas, letting them dry for different amounts of time so that the coffee stains varied.  I think oversized statement pieces with simple colors can add elegance and interest to a wall without making it feel too busy.










Lighting - 

I still think recessed lighting is going to be a big deal, its such a great way to brighten a space without creating hazards for tall people to bump into, I think its just a staple for now. 

I think 2017 is also going to involve a lot of varied sizes in lighting. There's been a movement towards sculptural and geometric design in "statement" lighting, and I think that will continue. Be ready to see these oversized light fixtures on Pinterest, supplemented by floor and table lamps. Varied heights for lighting allow you to switch up the "feel" of a space and adjust the coziness. I think organic and more precise geometric styled lights will be in a lot of stores, in glass and gold or other metallics. I've also read that blue and white(think, French or English country) will gain some momentum in 2017. 

Thats it for now! I'll probably post overviews on some of my favorite 2017 trends as they pop up, like I did with the gray walls trend that starting popping up in 2016 (here) or when I talked about Heritage Style Decor (here).

Is there a trend you've noticed and think we'll see more of this year??? Let me know in the comments! 

Hope you are all having great starts to the new year! xo, Lauren