Easy Snacks In a Pinch!

Summer is coming up so quickly!  And I've been in my head planning lots of get togethers with friends(and eagerly waiting to grab a copy of Lauren Conrad's Celebrate book!) and all the foods I'll want to fix. But sometimes, get togethers with our friend-group ends up being a last minute decision to watch the ball game, wrestling, or just for a game night! 

This week I wanted to post a few of my favorite – last minute & easy – snacks I'll turn to when I'm needing something in a pinch! 

Archer Farms Variety Quiche Collection: 

This is probably one of my favorite, no-fuss, quick and easy snack that still looks cute. It's not one that I use an awful lot, but every once in a while when I need something easy & fast!

READINESS: Frozen, just have to heat and serve!

EASINESS: 9 out of 10, just have to make a run to the store!


Caprese Salad:

This one is pretty similar to the Cucumber Caprese salad mentioned above, but a little more simple=looking. I like to slice a tomato, and some mozzarella, top with salt & pepper and balsamic vinaigrette/vinegar.  For an extra finish, top the dish with fresh basil!


READINESS: 5 - 10 minutes, just chopping tomatoes & the mozzarella!

EASINESS: 8 out of 10, trip to the store, cutting tomato/mozzerella


Cucumber Caprese Salad:

This is one that I really like to make once the weather starts to heat up. Its a great side to make when you don't want something super heavy. Chop up a cucumber, and a tomato, add some mozzarella, salt/pepper, and a then dash of balsamic vinaigrette(or, I used balsamic vinegar sometimes!)!  Then, let it all sit for a while so that the flavors get absorbed, & you're done! 

READINESS: 5 - 10 minutes to chop everything, then let it sit (if you want stronger flavor!)

EASINESS: 8 out of 10, trip to the store for veggies, then chopping


Buffalo Chicken Puffs:

This is a good one for a game day snack. I followed this recipe for Spinach Puffs, which I had made for a department get together last fall, but this time I swapped out the spinach & feta for buffalo chicken and cream cheese.

  • Preheat oven to 400.
  • Set out puff pastry dough(I use the frozen kind from Target!)
  • Beat two eggs, then add in 8 oz. of melted cream cheese with half a cup of buffalo sauce(I usually use Sweet Baby Rays, but you should use which ever you like best!) and diced chicken. 
  • Cut small squares of puff pastry dough, place inside a cupcake pan, with enough extra to fold the corners over each other after adding the chicken. Add cream cheese & chicken mixture into the puff pastry squares, fold corners to make little 'x's
  • Brush egg-whites over the folded corners of the pastry, bake for 15-20 minutes, or until pastry is golden and "puffed."