Monday Musings

Its the start of a new week! These last few weeks have been crazy, there are only a few more weeks of classes, which means I'll be up to my ears in Renaissance/Medieval journals for the next two weeks!

Here's a recap of some things that have been inspiring me lately!


1. Favorite Subscription Box:

My Birchbox came in over the weekend and I'm so excited! It was a gift for Christmas, and each month when the new box arrives, it's always so fun! This month, I can't wait to try The Beauty Crop PBJ Lip Stick. 

Photo: My Domaine

Photo: My Domaine


2. Favorite Plants:

One thing I can't wait to find once school gets out – more plants! My mom had an aloe vera plant when I was younger, but between me "doctoring" it, and the cat trying to eat it as a snack, it didn't have a very long life(Sorry mama!)

This article from My Domaine has a really neat list of plants that are hard to kill,  aloe is on the list, & it can help to purify the air in your home!




3. Favorite Treat:

During undergrad, my roommates and I had a tradition of making popcorn and lemonade whenever one of us had a bad day. Once we discovered scones, the tradition changed to include this little treat. After the tornadoes came through Tuscaloosa, AL on April 27, 2011, we went to stay with one of my roommate's family that lived a few hours away. The morning of the 29th was the Royal Wedding, so of course we stayed up and watched the full coverage all morning. My roommate's mom fixed cucumber sandwiches, hot tea for everyone, and SCONES!

And ever since, we were hooked.


4. Favorite Home Accent: 

This cute little pillow from Target!! The beach has always been my "happy place," so I was so excited to see this on the shelves! Now if only Cartwheel would have a deal on Throw Pillows ;)  


5. Favorite Season:

I'm so happy it's finally baseball season! (Note: I love football, but growing up in Virginia, I was kind of sheltered from all that is Alabama football until we moved – so baseball was my first sports love.) As long as I could remember, I'd been a Braves fan, and Jason Heyward was my favorite player ever since he started, so when he (and everyone else on the team) was traded away, I became a Cardinals fan, so starting this season, I'll be cheering for the Cubs.


I hope you all have great weeks!

- Lauren