Happy Easter!(And quick craft post/idea)


Happy Easter Friends!! Easter is one of my favorite holidays, so this year, I wanted to do a project that would last me a few months. I've always loved dyeing eggs, but this DIY allows you to create something that you can keep & enjoy for years to come. 


Today we attended a beautiful service at my parents' church in North Alabama. Today is part of a string of days that have made for a long week & weekend, ya’ll! My plan had been for my family to come down to visit me for the weekend and spend Easter in Tuscaloosa, however last week, my youth minister from high school/junior high(who was also the mother of a very dear friend) passed away.  So, I traveled home Wednesday after work to be with family and attend the funeral. 


With all the craziness of the week, dying eggs was placed on the back-burner, so we ended up deciding that we would paint wooden eggs instead!  So as I sat and worked on taking pictures for this post, my parents cat(Archimedes, or A.J. for short) decided that he was sure that my nicely painted eggs would make a GREAT snack, only to be disappointed upon discovering that they were not so edible. 


I had never used wax with chalk paint before, so it was definitely a learning experiment! I think the texture helped make them look nice and egg-like though!


  • Wooden Eggs ( got mine from Michaels, for around a dollar each, out of stock online, but I wanted to provide a reference!)
  • Crystal Blue Chalk Paint (Similar from Walmart
  • Clear Wax Sealer (Similar from Walmart
  • Optional: I used some siena brown to make speckled patterns on one of the eggs. 

Steps (so easy!)

  • Paint Eggs with blue paint, 
  • Coat with laters of wax, for my speckled egg I added in layers of brown paint inside some of the layers of wax. 
  • Gently buff with a damp cloth
  • Let Dry for around, 24 Hours.


What are some of your favorite Easter crafts or traditions?