(Spring)Home Round-Up!

(Click The Images To Make Them Bigger!)

Hi! Here's a quick round up of a couple rooms in my house, just to show how i've been adding in spring accents lately. Let me know if there are any questions!



My living-room is long and pretty narrow, so i've tried to keep the furniture pretty basic, and add little details on the mantle or coffee table to make it feel home-y.

Similar to my living room, my dining room is a really elongated space!  I've tried to make up for it by dividing the space in to a sitting area on one end, and dining area in the other. The sitting area over by the giant window is a perfect spot for a cup of coffee or two!

My bedroom is my most recent project, so there isn't too much to say about it yet, the bed is from Wayfair, and the bedding is from anthropologie a few years ago, and the decorative pillows are Target