Running Plan When You Only Have Ten Minutes

Ok guys, confession time. I hate running. And using the elliptical. And going to the gym. And squats/lunges/burpees/crunches/lifting weights… Basically I feel like since I’ve been in grad school all of my energy has been going towards school, being social and staying rested and a lot of times that left me with very little time to workout, or feeling like I didn’t have the energy to spare when I was already not eating a lot and walking around campus every day.

BUT a few weeks ago I finally found a 10 minute “fat-burning” treadmill workout. Now, its really hard (even for me) to say you don’t have 10 minutes. So I started running everyday, for just those ten minutes. I started off with that “fat burning treadmill workout” and then modified it a little bit to fit with the incline/speed preset buttons on my treadmill, which you can see here.

After doing this for 3 weeks, every day, eating more vegetables and "whole" foods and less processed things, and I giving up meat for Lent, I've gone down an jean size! Which makes two sizes down since January! Which is insane. It hasn't felt hard, i haven't been miserable and I haven't felt like I've taken too much time away from school, or Cooper, or time away from hanging out with my friends. 

I've been alternating the 10 minutes on the treadmill with different runs, but every other day i've started taking fewer "walking" breaks at the higher incline, and spending more time running... which got me down to a 9:46 second mile!  You can also repeat it if you have more time!