7 Days in the Keys? Here are 7 Places You Need To Dine

Alternate Title: Eating Your Way Through the Florida Keys

Ya'll! I finally decided to sit down and finish this post. It's not that I wasn't excited about it – I love talking about food – but there were just so many good places, that I knew it would take a while.

I wanted to tell y'all where we loved the most as we ate our way through the Keys, and at the end, I'll let you know where we decided had the best Key Lime Pie! Finding the best Key Lime Pie was an important venture on our list, partly because of the location, but also because we have a history with the pie. As my Mama said: 

My first bite of Key Lime Pie was in Portsmouth, VA sitting with my friends, Laura and Anne. Anne loved to introduce to foods we had never tried or try new recipes for us to taste. It was an experience like no other. Many people argue the right way to make a key lime pie, but when you taste the right one, you know how you prefer your pie forever!!!

I haven't found one that will top hers but in Key West there were a few close second places. I have found the further away from Florida the pie becomes more green colored than the traditional key lime pies from the keys. they also tend to be a little more tart and less rich the further away you go from the Keys.


The Seven Places You Need To Eat:

Kiki's Sandbar

Location: Little Torch Key FL

We stopped here on our way down to Key West. It was the perfect spot to sit and relax after a couple days of driving. 

See their menu here!


The Cracked Conch Cafe

Location: Marathon, FL

First meal that we had in the Keys was at The Cracked Conch Cafe in Marathon, FL. It was SO GOOD y'all. If you remember the picture of the restaurant with the Wrigley field (go Cubs!) sign, that was here. I had a conch burger, and it was so good! My first time having conch!


Blue Heaven

Location: Key West, FL

This one was so great, and was WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE to the Hemingway house! Which was perfect, because we were hot, tired, and hungry. There was a little bit of a wait, so some of us sat at the bar for a bit, the Bellini's were superb! Once we cooled off, we joined the rest of the bunch over by a ping pong table underneath a shade-tree, and it was really comfortable!

See their menu - here!


Key Plaza Creperie

Location: Key West, FL

I've loved crepes ever since I read about them in my high school french class. They're amazing. SO I was over the moon when I found out there was a creperie in Key West! I had a galette (an organic buckwheat savoury crepe) with prosciutto & Swiss Cheese, and split a Nutella & strawberry crepe with the rest of the table!

See their menu - here!


Sloppy Joe's

Location: Key West, FL

Sloppy Joe's was somewhere we wanted to stop in because of the connection to Hemingway, but it was also really conveniently located on Duval Street, and we were in desperate need of a cold drink and some A/C. Even though we were mostly there for a drink, we decided to try their Conch Fritters, and they were SO GOOD! I definitely think this is somewhere to stop-in atleast for a short time, but its one of the more touristy places, so be prepared to maybe have to wait for a seat (especially at the bar!)

See their menu - here!


Flaming Buoy Filet Co.

Location: Key West, FL

I loved everything about this restaurant. Right down to the Star Wars themed restroom! We ate here on recommendation from a friend, and it was perfect! A cozy space, great food, and a great wine selection! And I really loved the star wars decor. 


Leigh Ann's Coffee House

Location: Marathon, FL

We stopped at Leigh Ann's on the way out of the Keys. It was my favorite kind of place. Good food, Good Coffee, Cozy atmosphere. 

See their menu - here!


Best Key Lime Pie

We took a vote, and the group favorite for best Key Lime slice in the keys was from the Cracked Conch Cafe!

It wasn't too sweet or too sour, and wasn't covered in an overwhelming amount of meringue!! 


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