Paint | What Kind You Need For Your Space

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk all about paints! The first part is about about different paint finishes, and which kinds work best with with walls! I also made a little chart of some of the more common paint finishes that I included at the end!

Flat Paint

“flat finish paint” is matte and has a porous surface, so it won’t reflect light/won’t be shiny. The problem with matte paint is that it can stain pretty easily, so its best to use it in rooms that are “low mess”(avoid kitchens, kids rooms, and bathrooms)


Egg-Shell, Satin, or Other “Low Luster” Finishes

These are a little shinier than matte finishes, but this is a really great style that you can’t really use in the wrong place. It looks matte when you look at it from the front, but form the side it can appear a little shiny. Use it in bedrooms, kids rooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.


Semi-Gloss –

This is the most durable of the paint finishes. It isn’t porous, so its easy to clean, but the shine makes it easy to see flaws in the wall. It reflects quite a bit of light, so if you use it, imperfections in the wall will stand out. Best used in: bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, kids rooms, or for furniture, doors, baseboards, and crown moulding.


Gloss –

This finish is really durable, and kind of enamel-like, use it for furniture to walls if you want a dramatic look!


Oil based –

This finish dries really slowly and smells pretty bad. It’s got a hard & smooth finish, and resists scratches and stains. Be careful with it though, you’ll have to use turpentine or paint thinner to clean it! Use it on rough surfaces, furniture, or floors.


Latex based paint –

Dries quickly and can be easily cleaned, and it doesn’t smell bad – it i­­s perfect for interior paints!  

Texture Paint -

Texture paint comes in fine to coarse choices. You can mix your own or you can have it mixed for you at most paint stores. I think it can be really cool looking – it can give a room extra “pop” and add a sense of touch-a-bility. Use some joint compound to create a
mottled” look or do lines with a comb and then paint over the surface. You can also use textured paint and special texture rollers (Or sponges) to create the design you desire. When my Mom did this to the walls when we were in Jacksonville, she used a textured paint in the living room that had some cool looking arches and the room felt really Tuscan-inspired and cozy!