May Coffee Chat

Wow, April was a crazy month! So many trips squeezed into just a few days! I'll recap a few of them here, and then share my five things for this month!


We went down to the sunshine state to see one of my all time favorite people get married! She got married on a Sunday, so we spent Friday and Saturday at the parks! I think everyone had a blast! 

Dismal Canyon

Last weekend I went camping at the Dismal Canyon's park! We pitched our tent beneath a waterfall, hiked in the dark to see the dismalites (kind of like glow worms!) and had a blast! Read more about the park here. 

Five Things For May

1. A quote I've liked

“If you’re grateful for where you are, you have to respect the road that got you there.” – Cleo Wade

2. Spring Wardrobe Staple

I've been wearing this tee from Madewell on repeat this month! 

3. I'm thinking about making an LBS spotify playlist, any thoughts?

4. Also for the blog, you might've noticed the travel tab is back!!!

I'm working on posts for it now, and I already have a few Alabama cities up! Where else do I need to talk about?! Tennessee and Florida are on the list too! Send me your recs! 

5. I don't really have a fifth one. But my new job starts soon and my best friend is moving in with me this month and my giant tree is getting here today, so I have a feeling May is going to be AWESOME.