Lemons & Big Projects!

Hi guys! Sorry that this post is going to be so short! I'm in the process of moving furniture! Some of y'all already know, but life handed me quite the lemon this week!  While I was away adventuring in Canada for the past two weeks, my refridgerator hose split and was leaking water onto my 70 year old floors! 

The crew will be here this afternoon to take out the wood in the kitchen as well as the dining room (which is also what I use as my workspace since its HUGE) and the walls on either side of where the refridgerator was... but since we'll want the new flooring to match the old flooring, I gotta move everything out of the living room and hallway too! 

I was pretty down about losing my pretty floors yesterday, but today I'm excited about what we'll be adding to the house! Channeling my inner Joanna Gaines here, guys! 

Stay tuned for updates on how my project!!