"Best" Scents for Fall

Hi guys!! I went on a quick blogging hiatus this week, I think it was a really great break where I came up with several ideas for new blog posts!! I’m really excited about them.

Today, I wanted to post about my Favorite Fall Candle Scents. Last year, it was in the seventies on Christmas day, so I'm fully aware that we don't really get seasons here. But even if it doesn't feel cold, I really like to bring in elements that make it seem like we have seasons here in Alabama, and one of my favorite ways to do that is with a new candle or scent

While I really love switching out the colors, textures, or flowers when the weather turns colder, there’s something SO cozy about a new candle that really makes the difference in a space. 



1. Chesapeake Bay - Snuggly Sweater Candle

I found this new favorite candle of mine at Target last week! If we're friends on Instagram, you know that I'm already convinced that this candle will be the staple fragrance in my house from now through winter. It's so cozy smelling! 


I like that this one is a warm scent, but that it also has that clean laundry smell! For the summer I had a cotton scented candle, so I feel like this will be the perfect addition for when I want my house to smell clean and cozy! 


Find this perfect Fall candle here at target!! Its on sale for $5! 



2. Scentsy - Vanilla Bean Buttercream

This one is actually a bar that you warm up instead of a candle that you light. But if you like vanilla scents, you will love this one! I can't wait to try the scents Frosted Birch, Pumpkin Roll,  and the Cashmere Pear! Really all of them sound SO good! 

These are perfect if you're in the dorms or in a place where you can't have candles! 


If you're looking for some Fall scents for your home, click here to see the current Fall and Winter Scentsy options! 









3. Better Homes & Gardens - Candied Caramel Pecan Candle:

This Candle was a gift to my mom from one of my amazing friends! If you like the smell of yummy baked goods, then this candle would be perfect! 

It also comes in wax cube form if you prefer those over candles! Click here to see those! 







5. SIGNATURE Soy - Weathered Oak - Target

This is another candle I discovered at Target the other day that I'm really excited about!! Its a great alternative if you don't like sweet smells in the house, and makes me think of bonfires and crisp fall nights. 


Click here to view the listing at Target.com! Only FIVE dollars!


4. Autumn air Candle - Target

This awesome candle is on my shopping list for the next time that I'm at Target! 

I wanted something fresh and outdoorsy smelling for days that I want to mix it up a little. This brand also has a "smoked Caramel" color which is DEFINITELY worth checking out! 


Click here to view it online! Listed for $9.99 right now! 


Can you guys tell I'm just a little excited for the weather to cool down?? Fall has always been my favorite! I love the giant sweaters and leggings(yep, I'm one of those people!) and scarves and walking around the local shops window shopping and drinking coffee! Really, just being able to be outside without having a heatstroke is going to be so nice! 


Plus, fall means football season, and football season is the best.


I spent last weekend in Huntsville, and was so excited when my little brother snapped this picture of me & my little monster(Cooper!) 

Amari Cooper Jesery + Cooper the Aussie = Cooper² 




I hope you all have had great weekends and have great weeks ahead! 

xo, Lauren


P.S. I'll hopefully have a post up SOON about my floors!! They're about halfway re-installed! Can't wait to show you guys!! 


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