Three Home Trends to Watch For in 2017.

Hi all! I hope you’re all doing well! I’m so excited to have finally turned in my thesis to my committee! So now I have had two whole weeks to kind of relax before I defend it later this month! I’m so close to the end! I changed up the homepage a little bit a couple weeks ago, I hope you all like it! It involved moving the blog posts to one page instead of 5, that way they automatically share to bloglovin’! If you’re not following along on there, I definitely recommend checking it out; there are so many great posts to find & follow along with written by a ton of different bloggers! I’ve loved finding new friends to follow along with over there.

Anyway, today I wanted to do a quick update on a few of my favorite spring trends, that way if you are headed to any flea markets, yard sales, or antique shops this weekend, you can keep your eyes out for some of these pieces!

Note: if you're interested in the Nashville Flea Market, check out the dates here. The next one is coming up next weekend – April 21-23, 2017! I can't wait until I have a free weekend where I can visit. Its SO GOOD, y'all. 



Copper vases and hammered bowls are popping up everywhere on pinterest and Instagram, and I’m even starting to see them at Target and a bunch of other stores! I found one on Amazon that I just received this week, and it is so pretty!

Note: as much as I love pieces that have a story, or that I find at local shops, sometimes I gotta find things that are a little easier to get/more budget friendly since I’ve been super busy & am on my grad student budget. I love looking on Amazon and have been really happy with some of their finds when I need something convenient!



One of my favorite ways to make a room feel cozy is to add a few candles. White ones are my favorite since they go with any color scheme. The ones from Southern Firefly Candle Co. will always be my favorites, but if you’re looking for a splurge, this BAIES scene from Diptyque Paris is super yummy and has been popping up on a lot of people’s social medias lately.

Candles are also great if you’re wanting to follow my favorite "Eat, Drink, Burn" gift guide! IF you haven’t heard me talk about it, the idea is that to keep down on clutter, try to give gifts(or ask for gifts) that the person can eat, drink, or burn! That way, they get to enjoy it. But it doesn’t take up too much space around their home! Unless of course, you know of something that they really, really want.

LittleBleuStudio-Spring 2017-HOME-3.jpg


I’m usually really cautious about being too bold with my fabric choices – as in, I usually stick with solid everything – but lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking into bolder prints in black and white (like this) or in bold colors(like this)!

These prints also extend to wall art – I've been looking through the prints from Society6 and see so many i'd love to hang up when i re-do my room! 

So thats it! My Three Favorite Spring Trends to watch out for! What are your favorite trends right now? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!

xo, Lauren