Weekend Furniture Finds & New Projects Round-Up:

Hi everyone! I spent the weekend up in Huntsville, and I visited a lot of different antique/vintage and thrift stores while I was there!  Like I said on Instagram last week, my guest-room is now at the top of my "Summer Home Projects" list, so I was mostly looking for pieces that would work with the "French Country" theme of that room.

I was so excited to find The Plucky Peacock and the Funky Monkey

Plucky Peacock - Dresser Project

One of my big soon-to-come projects will be painting this dresser, which I found at the Plucky Peacock, I was SO excited to find a dresser that I loved that hadn't already been painted yet. I think it'll be a really fun project to work on during May.

A fun way to save $$$ on furniture pieces is to try to find pieces that you can paint/refinish yourself! Plus, if you pick the colors, you know it will fit in with your design scheme!


The Plucky Peacock - Mirrors

The Plucky Peacock also had a set of really pretty mirrors.  I'm going to paint them to match the dresser, then they'll hang on either side of the guest room closet. 

Ely, my parents' Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, was really excited about the mirrors too. 



The Plucky Peacock - Paint

I'll be using Junk Gypsy Chalk & Clay paint for both the mirror and the dresser – can wait to show you the results!  It's actually going to be a two-toned piece (I think) with two colors that might surprise you! 





The Plucky Peacock - Candle 

Ya'll.  This candle is going to be my favorite scent for the rest of summer. There are several scents I'm going to place on my list, but I decided this one was the best to start out with. For retail locations near you, check out their webpage, here.





Chair Project:

Another project on my to-do list this summer is to learn how to reupholster furniture. My parents have had this chair in storage since we moved to Alabama, and last week, my mom told me if I thought I could replace the fabric that I could keep it! Still trying to decide on what color/pattern to use, but I'm excited to see how it turns out! Note: rescue-cat AJ was very sad to see the chair leave their kitchen when we loaded up the cars! 


Funky Monkey - Window Project

I haven't decided what exactly I'm going to do with these two old windows yet, but when I saw them at the Funky Monkey, I decided I could definitely find a use for them! They are really similar to the two windows in my living room(on either side of my fireplace) that I think are left over from the original windows. My Pinterest Boards will probably be full of ideas for the next few weeks! 


Accent Pieces

After visiting the local Salvation Army Thrift Store, and the Asbury Thrift Store, I found a lot of really neat items that I'll be hanging in my house(which will soon be seen on Instagram! There are a few more pieces that I think I will wait and post later! Such a fun "treasure hunting" day with my Momma!

What are some of your favorite places to find furniture to add to your home? 

Happy Monday!! 

xo, Lauren