Monday Musings: Home Décor Styles Edition


When I first started planning how to decorate my house, I was a little overwhelmed with all the different styles and trends, so it took me a while to narrow down a “style” so that my rooms all seemed to fit together. Thankfully, HGTV has a section on their webpage that talks about trends as well as a photo gallery where you can sort the photos by room and by style. 

This week’s Monday Musing features of a few different décor styles that I like to model rooms after, with a brief summary/description of each. While a lot of websites have photo galleries that display rooms in various styles, I wanted to write up a quick paragraph that describes each theme, and then I’ll link to those galleries in case you want to see a visual representation.

1. French Country

Photo: HGTV

Photo: HGTV

Elegant, Neutrals, Antiques, Mix-And-Match, Light & Airy, Natural

I really like the current trend of decorating rooms in French Country style. It is the style I’m trying to channel through occasional accents in my home, but it’s a really central theme for my littlest guest room. Along with colorful linens, use fresh flowers in clear glass containers as accents to freshen up the space.The rooms in this style contain pieces that represent family history, or pieces that have been handed down through generations. Furniture that pairs best with this style may have intricate detailing, or have wrought-iron features.

Think: Whitewashed woods, soft floral brocaded fabric, embroidered pastoral fabric, delicate porcelain accents, and strategically placed wrought iron.  Wicker accents are also a really nice touch, as well as striped linens.

Photo: Dwell Candy

Photo: Dwell Candy

2. English Country Style

Elegant, Antiques, Lace, Dark Woods, Warm

English Country Style seems really similar to French Country, but I think there are some big differences. English Country uses different fabrics, like stripes, ginghams, and bright florals in their linens, that are accentuated by tassels or elegant trim work. The walls are often wallpapered or stenciled, and are usually decorated with paintings, china, candles, or bookcases. Furniture in English Country styled rooms is often darkly stained, mahogany or pine.

Think: Natural woods, Dark woods, Patterned walls, Ornate Fabrics, Bookshelves and China.

3. Medieval Style

Photo: DwellCandy

Photo: DwellCandy

Dark Woods, Stone Walls or Accents, Ceiling Beams, Wall Tapestries

As a Medievalist, I was really interested to read about Medieval Style rooms. This style is based on stone castle interiors, with dark wood ceiling beams or wall trim, or even wall panelling. Richly colored fabrics (jewel tones - reds, greens, blues, golds) or traditional designs(fleur-de-lys or foliage patterns) are most often used in wall hangings, wallpaper, or curtains in Medieval Style Rooms. Center your furniture around a fireplace or a stove to keep it consistent with the medieval theme. For furniture, use dark finishes for wood, accented with iron or brass, and low, warm  lighting.  

Think: Stone, Heavy wall materials, warm light, luxe-looking fabrics.

Photo: HGTV

Photo: HGTV

4. Americana Style

Traditional, Simple, Casual, Patriotic, American, 

Americana Style decor is often shown in neutral palette rooms which feature red, white, and blue accents, stars, strips or flags. It often combines traditional and farmhouse style decor, but can also include industrial or shabby chic influence. A fun way to incorporate Americana style into your space would be to include prints of old advertisements or posters from WWI or WWII.  

Think: Cotton, pops of red, natural light, wooden furniture, natural accents.

5. Industrial Style

Photo: DwellCandy

Photo: DwellCandy

Modern, Heavy, Open, Exposed Materials, Raw, Metal-y

Industrial Decor is characterized by warm, earthy, neutrals, avoiding bright bold accents, instead using whites and greys and other warm neutral tones. The style also leans towards exposed brick, piping, ceiling beams or columns. In an open floorplan, large artwork and streamlined oversized furniture help to achieve an industrial look. Comfortable, plush furniture or cushions can be brought in to soften the atmosphere, as well as plants(which will bring in color and liven up the space.)

Think: Metals, Brick, Stone, concrete, stainless steel, and brushed metal finishes.

6.  Eclectic Style



 Modern, Fun, Colorful, Vintage, Boho

I think I’m drawn to this style because of the mix-and-match-y aspects. Like I mentioned last week, I live for a well done gallery wall, and I think the idea of bringing together things that are unexpected can make your space really interesting! 

Eclectic style can be really fun to work with. It pairs pieces from different décor styles, and unites them through use of a common theme (color, texture, material…) If you want to give your space an eclectic feel, try combining pieces from different styles, pops of color and subdued tones, modern and vintage accents, etc.

Think: Clean Lines, neutral colors, pops of color, shelves with collected items.

So, those are the 6 that I tend to be drawn to the most! What are some of your favorite decor styles? 'Til next time, ya'll! 

xo, Lauren