Monday Musings: Home Edition

So this week, I wanted to do a quick post with a few of my favorite decor trends, accents, and ideas from my Home board on pinterest.


1. Gallery Walls

I love a well done gallery wall! Some times they look really cluttered, or can seem over-bearing, but I really like how this one keeps everything monochrome, and stream-lined! 

Also, the off-white or brown accents are great ways to switch up the color without it seeming too bold! 


Pin from: The EveryGirl


2. Hospitality Pineapples!

I think the first time I heard of hospitality pine apples was on a trip to Charleston, SC a few years ago– which as an art history major, I can't believe I didn't read about it sooner! 

I love this idea of using the theme for such a small detail. it really gives the door alot of character! 

To read more about the history of the hospitality pineapple, check out this article on !


3. Fixer Upper

Any home round-up that I post would be remiss if I didn't include a picture of a room from Fixer Upper. I think this is one of my favorite rooms, its from Season 1, Episode 10. I love how perfect that the room would be for sitting around and enjoying having company over.. and there is so much light!!!

4. Cotton Stems

Growing up in Alabama, I've always loved the look of cotton fields in the evening sun. I usually put my dried cotton stems up on my mantle during late summer/early fall, but having them as a centerpiece would be lovely!




Photo: The Wood Grain Cottage

5. Porches.

I have such fond memories of putting on "plays" with my neighborhood friends on my parents front porch. High quality productions, of course ;) 

I love the idea of porch swings, rocking chairs, and a good book. Or people watching. 



Photo: Two Meeting Street Inn




6. Front Door Decorations!

Shameless plug here, This is a project I did a few weeks back, with a few floral pieces and a galvanized metal watering can from Michaels!  I tied a burlap ribbon around the handle to hang it from the hook on the front foor, and I love how spring-y it looks! And really, it'll transition into summer too I think. 

Photo: Lauren Eich



What are some of your favorite decor trends or home accent styles? Feel free to share in the comments!!

Have a great week!