10 Facts About Me

I always love reading posts on Instagram where people give a few facts about themselves ­– its so fun getting to know your favorite accounts! So I decided it was high time I added a post where y’all you all can get to know a little bit about me :-)

1.     I'm in my second year of grad school for Art History, specializing in Medieval Art and African American Art.

2.    I speak French, and recently passed a proficiency test for my grad program. 

3.     I started out undergrad as a nursing major, but after taking the “Intro to Fine Art” class that was required for my program, I fell in love with art and convinced my parents to let me switch.


4.    Along with Art History, I also studied Studio Art in undergrad, specifically painting and digital media. I particularly loved turning my digital photographs into digital paintings, using Corel Painter and Photoshop.


5.     I was born in the hospital here in Tuscaloosa, moved a bunch of times (navy brat!) and then, when it came time to apply to colleges, decided to come back to “ttown”!


6.     I drink more coffee than I probably should.. When I was growing up, my dad would always take a giant thermos and an extra cup of coffee with him to work, so taking up the habit seemed like the natural thing to do!


7.     I’m a huge night owl! I’d so much rather lose sleep from staying up late than waking up early. Although, I do like waking up and having a productive morning, then getting to take it easy in the afternoon.


8.     I have a 3 year old Australian shepherd mix named Cooper, when we found him at the shelter he was pretty skittish, but now he’s a really happy guy! He loves playing with my parents’ dogs (Ely: a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, and Little Bit: a Feist terrier…quite the size difference!)


9.   I love candles! Recently I’ve been obsessed with the Basil fragrance from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day


10. I think the Myers Brigg Type Indicator  is so interesting! I’m an INFP. Want to know what type you are?  Find out Here. 

Recently, I found this article – “Discover the Kitchen Style for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type,” it was fun to see if my personality type matched the style they thought I should like!



Check back on Friday for a round up of my "Summer Essentials"! 

xo, Lauren