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Sweet Potato Fries

A few years ago(wayyyy back in undergrad!) one of my really good friends and I had a Monday routine of sitting and finding some sort of new recipe, going to the grocery store, and then coming home to make a total mess.. I mean, a delicious home cooked meal. We tried to never repeat a recipe, but sometimes, we'd find one that we really liked, so we'd include it every once in a while. One of the recipes in that category were oven-baked sweet potato fries!

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Home Idea Round-Up: An Idea for Setting Your Table for Thanksgiving

This week I wanted to share some ideas for setting your Thanksgiving table! I know its cutting it kind of close, but a lot of these items you could find locally if you don't have time to order them! I love the holidays, and am so excited to get my table ready for family to come down in a few weeks! I'm probably going to be reusing a lot of the chargers and dishes that I already have, but I like to add in a few new details...

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Southern Gal's Guide to Dishware

With football season here, and holidays somewhere around the corner, the next few months are going to be filled with opportunities to gather together with family and friends. If you're going ot be hosting dinners, or are wanting to invest in some new dining ware, I wanted to share a quick guide ot the different dish ware options....

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