Christmas Crafts - Why you should always look at Bullseye's Playground at Target

You guys! I’m back! I took my comprehensive exams last week and found out that I passed! (*dances around room*) Now all that’s left is to actually write my thesis, and then defend it in the spring! This has been such a stressful last few weeks and I have hated that I haven’t had time to write any new posts– so I’m very excited to have a few days now!

Between finishing exams and working on papers that were due this week, /I made a couple trips to Target, where I found this really cute wooden sign and obviously had to bring it home with me! (I also got one that says “Noel,” and did this same project with it! I really love easy DIY/craft projects that don’t cost an arm and a leg, so I’m always super excited to check out the deals at Bullseye's Playground (formerly known as The One Spot).  

I knew when I saw this little sign, that I would want to paint it a different color and do something to give it a little more personality. I thought about painting it black so that it would match the "EAT" letters I did for the kitchen, but then I got home and found some leftover wood stain in my craft cabinet and decided to test it out! 


I think it took the stain really nicely for something that cost between $1-$5! I wasn't trying to be super fancy, so I literally used a paper towel to apply the stain, and had a plastic bag behind the sign to keep it from making a mess.

Instead of just leaving it on its own, I wanted to attach it to something that way it would be easy to store when I put decorations up at the end of the season! I was trying to keep this project on a really low budget, so I used 3M strips to attach the wooden letters to a blank canvas that I already had in my craft cabinet! Next time I go to Michaels, I may see if there is an inexpensive wooden crate or basket that is big enough to fir the letters, I think that would make for a really cute storage option for coffee on my coffee nook, or to put under the tree to hold small gifts! I also added this little gift tag Santa hat(also from Target!) so that it would have a pop of color. 

For now, I have it sitting on my mantle behind some gold painted pine cones, but I think I will eventually move it to my coffee corner in the dining room(a $5 baker’s rack I found at the Greenhill auction!) 

These little pinecones were $3 from Michaels a few weeks ago, and then everything else is from last year! The red reindeer on the left was an ornament on my tree but I kind of like him here on the mantel!


The first LBS Playlist is up! Just in time for Christmas 2016! Let me know if you think there's one that I should add! 

What are your favorite Christmas decorations? Do you have a favorite place to find new pieces?

xo, Lauren